Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Review of Kimora: House of Fab


         I spent Wednesday brainstorming about more blog posts, and new ideas for the blog and found myself drawn to the reality TV series, Kimora: House of Fab! I'm obsessed with this show, I love how the Just Fab company takes us on this journey deep into the business and marketing side of the company. Watching the show, I find myself taking mental notes about how they promote their brand and the techniques in which they go about it, which is something I'm always pursuing for the blog. One method of getting the name of the brand to the masses was shown in one episode, where the company held a contest on who can create the best viral video. Using the fun of competition drove the employees to really exercise their creativity, boost morale and create an overall great video to get it out to everyone.

               A few aspects of the show that I've been captured by is not only the behind the scenes work of the quickly growing brand, but it's also the diversity of the driven employees. The cast is compiled of Kimora Lee Simmons the President and Creative Director of Just Fab, Simmons takes such charge and she has mastered the appropriate balance of maintaining a healthy relationship with her employees, demanding perfection while keeping some understanding, her presence on the show is one of joy and professionalism. Simmons' fashion background no doubt has been the driving force behind this company's style and creativity!
Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are both Co-Chief Executive Officers for the company it's clear they are about business, both have a background for extremely successful companies which can be seen through the show. Kimberly Tobman is the Vice President of Public Relations, and  has really sparked my interest in the public relations field, much to my delight after a little research I found she has a BA in Journalism, Communications(that's right we're journalism sisters lol!). Sandra Diaz is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and the entire business of marketing has me obsessed, I might do weekly blog posts about my lessons in marketing, still an idea I'm toying with though.  Rose Montoya is an Associate Buyer her personality comes off laid back which is refreshing when in an industry that's all about go go go! Alyson Wilson is the art director for Just Fab and she's all about taking that risk, with her push for the nude ad in one of the episodes it's clear to see she's all about being daring. Lianca Lyons is the Senior Marketing Manager, and the Kimora Simmons whisperer she's awesome, and you can tell she's had a lot of communication experience.
        Lesly Holmes is the Director of Merchandise and I adore her style, ever time she pops up on the screen I want to go dive in my closet and try something new. Sarah Marsh and Ashley Hildebrandt both work in coordination and creating public events for the brand, I love their friendship! Johnny Anastacio is the Senior Graphic Designer and the physical  manifestation of sassiness! I want Johnny to be my best friend as of last week, seriously I love the way he dresses and his personality is just so funny and comedic he livens the show up. Angela Fink is a celebrity stylist and is the style expert for Just Fab and I've quickly grown to love her work and Jessica Flores is the respectable receptionist and soaking up all the experience of working at Just Fab!
         Although, you can see a lot of work and demands goes into running this company it's not done in vain. It's something incredible about watching the creation of a commercial and then actually seeing it when the show goes on break. The show also displays that work isn't really work when you love what you do, and any struggle is worth it when you love what you do. Kimora: House of Fab inspires my work ethic, to want to do more, and to be better. Right now I've been focusing on trying to market this blog, I can define my brand but I'm not exactly sure what audience I'd target, and what's the best way in which to do it.The show displays the inner workings of the fashion industry and displays some amazing people, which are positive role models for those who are eager an aspiring to join the industry, by the way it also presents A LOT OF HOT SHOES!!!

just fab!

I see you drooling, don't worry I won't judge!

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