Monday, March 25, 2013

Like Those Gold Ladies In The James Bond Movie

         Hey guys, I wanted to come back in between an overwhelming amount of school stress and let you know what I've been lusting over lately! I'm not a gold girl, a lot of my jewelry is silver but recently I've indulged with a few golden pieces here and there but now I know for a fact golden pieces will make a huge impact for me in the Spring and Summer.

Gold, Baby Gold!

        All of these awesome golden pieces are from Forever21. The golden bib necklace gives me this regal feeling, like some princess would step out wearing it, the necklace next to it reminds me of Isis the Egyptian goddess(need I say more, or perhaps I do, Google her lol). The next few pieces just feel rockstar like to me, I love the golden studs, and spike details in the cuffs, and those earrings feel 80s to me. I feel like I've seen Kelly Lebrock wear them while playing in Weird Science, my favorite 80s movie, besides the Breakfast club that is.
    I'd like to note the caption for this Polyvore set is I Am Not Ashamed of My Love For Forever21, is because recently I hear people bashing the store and judging the shoppers. Okay yea Forever21 is a popular department store, so if you're looking to be a hipster you probably hiss at it, but don't go judging people just because they shop there as being less stylish than you. I believe you can find nice things anywhere, at any price, and look just as good as you would if you shopped anywhere else!

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  3. Oh Im so jealous, we dont have forever 21 here =(

  4. love your pieces


  5. love your blog! keep it up!

    i just did an outfit post :) what do you think about it?

    i would appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

  6. I always end up going on jewelry sprees there. You just can't beat the combination of cool pieces and low prices.