Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Earring Trends

       In honor of  Spring's arrival I decided to share with you my Spring jewelry prediction! It's no denying color is going to have a massive impact this Spring especially with the 90s revival, don't let your jewelry go neglected. If you're not a color loving individual feel free to dabble in some jewelry trends.

Are You Ready?

  •       Large statement earrings are huge this year, from your huge hoops to bamboo earrings this is the time to let the door knockers swing!  Karla of Karla's Closet has been spotted in many large golden earrings that she wore with minimalist details to let the earrings stand out for themselves seen here.
  •     Stud earrings will be upping the amp! Forget the classic diamond stud, and go for a brilliant color, or a pearly stud adorned in gold.When it comes to stud earrings pick the brightest to make a subtle impact. 
  •       Triangle shaped earrings something classic of the late 80s early 90s is making a major comeback. Nadia Aboulhosn recently did a blog post wearing her geometric earrings,(that helped inspire this post). Check out Nadia's take on the earring trend here 
  Personally my favorite of the earrings are the classic gigantic earrings. I associate large earrings with royalty. I could picture a deep brown skinned Cleopatra adorning her ears with large golden jewelry molded by ancient artists, the gold of the earrings merely glowing on near her skin. You'd have a better understanding og  my love  for these earrings if you checked out my own recent purchases in the video below!

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  4. I love anything that makes a statement so I just love these earrings!!

    Editor & Chic

    @Stylekitty on IG

  5. ahh loving these earring.

  6. I love this trend and would love to try it. I've not yet see those here.

  7. im such a fan of a statement earring. love your selection.

    fikki xx