Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Into Color...I Know You Want To

    You guys should know by, or if you don't now you do, that I have an addiction to black clothing. As soon as it gets warmer, I begin parting with my beloved black to experiment with lighter colors, because it's hot! A few colors that I believe will be making a take over include, turquoise the recent champ of Spring/Summer, orange/coral shades, and pink!

First off turquoise has been used in the unexpected pop of color role frequently. Turquoise has the tendency to stand alone in many outfits, and looks.

I was looking through some old pictures of mine, and saw this picture of myself, this was the Summer of 2011. The great big turquoise blue ring had been my pride and joy until the band around the little bugger broke, I learned not to buy rings with stretchy finger bands. The stretchy finger band will grow tired and snap, so if you do purchase those kinds of rings, buy some ring bands so you can super glue the pendant on the ring and you don't lose your jewelry, altogether. Turquoise has been the winning color for the warmer months, which is why I bought my own new turquoise ring seen below:

Pops of turquoise are unexpected, and it goes well with gold, or silver so the versatility is a plus as well. 
I did 2 looks, that features the lovely tropical shade:

I can never spell turquoise right!

I can never spell turquoise right! by deejaystyles featuring a stripe skirt

Orange/coral shades are growing in popularity specifically in makeup. Orange and coral shades are gorgeous for Summer on tanned or bronzey skin. The warm shade glows on the dark tones of the skin and makes for a match made in heaven. Beauty By JJ, has a great tutorial on how to work the orange lip trend below, for darker toned skin.

      Ms. Pamluexedotcom, has her own tutorial for medium toned skin here

If you have a more fair skin tone, Raychel Wade has a tutorial as well

     Last but not least lets talk about pink. Both pastel pink, and neon are currently rivals for the winning spot in Spring/Summer trends.Pastel pink has grown in popularity, it's found on nails, in chunky sweaters, and floral print leggings all over the place.Neon pink has taken off in blazers, and nightwear, although I myself would gladly wear neon pink on a daily basis, but that's just me lol.


Pink! by deejaystyles featuring lace wedges

The key colors for Spring/Summer trends, turquoise, and coral/orange, wear them in anyway you please, this is just my interpretation. By the way these are Spring.Summer trends, but feel free to experiment with many more colors as well, and if you have a functional way to keep wearing black comfortably when it gets warmer, due please comment below I hate parting with my dark lover lol!


  1. Ah we need some colour it has been so grey!! X

  2. yes, luckily Michigan has seen some Sun but it's still cold :/