Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Standards and Expectactions

        Hey guys! I've had a small epiphany this week and wanted to share. Every time I see posts, or quotes saying that expectations are in short no good, I always questioned why? I figured those who didn't believe in having expectations were jilted in the past and now react negatively to the word, but now I see it's not a matter of reacting negatively or positively to the idea of expectations, it's about not feeding this ego driven thing called expectations at all.
        I have always had high expectations, for everything and as a result I have had my fair share of disappointments. I was wrong for expecting all these great things in a world that's constantly in a state of randomness. God is the one who determines what I deserve, not me. Working hard, and doing my best is my sole job and what I receive in turn is determined by what God deems fit for me. What I want will be different than what God gives me, because God gives you what's needed, not what you want. God will give us the things that benefits our life to the best, beyond what we or anyone else can see. You may work hard all your life and think you deserve that promotion, but then you don't get it, God isn't rejecting you, he's telling you that promotion isn't, good enough for you, and he has something better planned. The only thing you should expect or assume is that God is by your side and is constantly in the process of getting you down the right path, he made specifically for you.
      You can expect a promotion, but believing the standard of work you've done deserves a promotion is completely different. You can't expect others to have the same standards as you, standards are a self made thing. Standards derive from what you will deal with,expectations derive from making assumptions about the standards of others.I have certain standards for myself, the kinds of people I allow in my life, and the positions I let them have. I determine my standards, I build them, they are my own original creation. Everyone's standards are going to be different. Don't expect anything out of anyone, but don't let anyone determine your own standards.

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  1. Our expectations define our actions. I've never agreed with people who say that we should not have high expectations because we'll end up disappointed, I do believe that we act according to what we expect to achieve and then God intervenes as you said he's the only one who knows what is good or not for us so we just have to do our job with all the hope and optimism of the world while keeping an eye open for what God has in store for us. Although I understand that in relationships it's right to not expect anything from anyone but is it really true? Can we truly do that? I don't think so, most of the time we expect a lot from others because we're willing to do a lot for them.