Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Exam Anxiety

           Exams are some of the rudest creatures to grace God’s green Earth. Exams don’t care about the fact that I haven’t slept well, haven’t been able to do a blog post, don’t have a decent outfit of the day to share. Exams don’t care that they give you headaches and make you cry. Exams don’t care if they spit on your self esteem. Exams don’t care if they send you into panic, and give you anxiety attacks in the middle of the night. Exams don’t care if you feel like crap, or are emotionally exhausted. Exams are still exams and they will still bother you no matter how much you want to protest. The worse part about exams is some people think they are so needed, and they are incredibly important, but in reality they’re just a bunch of tools. So, try during the exam, but don’t let the exam define you, don’t let it determine what you do with your life, life does not end nor begin with any Earthly material, only God will decide for me. I acknowledge the exams but, I do not let them dictate me anymore, I will not let them make me cry, I will not shake before them. I will try my hardest during the exams, and put in much effort, but I’m not putting my life into an exam, God already has that job covered. I declare that God dictates my future, not a school, not a teacher, not a final exam, or some paper. My challenges on this Earth are temporary greatness awaits me soon enough. It feels really good to declare God’s position in my life, and it takes the stress I've had over exams off of me, not in a sense that I don’t feel I have to study, but now I don’t feel like crying or snapping at the thought of it.

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  1. I know what you mean I go through this every time I have a test and exams! Good luck girl you'll ace it!