Saturday, April 20, 2013

In The Mind of An Internet Troll


         An internet troll is a person with an account on some kind of social network,blogging platform, or any website that invites conversation with a profile picture that isn't their own, false information in their bio or profile and lastly spreads all the hate they have lying in their little troll-like heart. Luckily, I have never encountered many internet trolls first hand, but I've seen them. Internet trolls migrate to popular people, people who seemingly have "better lives", than the average person. I put quotations around better lives because, first these celebrities live off of building images but we will never know that their actual life is and secondly the term better life is up for many definitions depending on the person. Internet trolls don't take the time to acknowledge there's another human being on the other side of the internet they are trashing. Never do these creators of cyber harassment take a moment to reflect on why they feel the need to spread there negativity, they just do.
       I always thought internet trolls, were merely spam but this is worse than spam. Spam is run by itself, it's a technological glitch but an internet troll is a person who literally takes time out their life, to pepper in negativity in another's. The things that go on inside of the internet troll's brain is the same thing that goes on in the mind of a hater, a mass amount of jealousy,insecurity,self hate, and too much time on their hands. Just like if you confront a hater, an internet troll will in turn,run and come up with some wild excuse to why they do what they do, because they can't face the reality of their pain.

         The difference in the mind of an internet troll and a hater is because the internet is very objective, and people often forget that. A person can see enough pretty, happy pictures of someone on their instagram to believe this person just has a great life. There's more to life than instagram pictures,that's where the internet troll falls short. Places like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great for giving people a small window into their life, but trolls forget that window is small. You might see one YouTuber happy as can be as she DIYs her shorts but you will never know that's the 3rd pair of shorts she's used because she messed up on the first 2.  Even it the YouTuber, of Facebook user lived a perfect life, who are we to judge that? The internet troll sees these windows, as validation to judge and to hate, they forget that social networks are there to share, not to be judged.
      All the internet troll sees is someone who seemingly has a better life than them, and they believe that since they are already so happy it shouldn't matter if they insult this person. The internet trolls is comparing his or herself to you and it's painful to them, so they assume that since you're already happy it shouldn't matter if they spread some of their pain, because in their eyes you have everything they want, and are invincible to their words. The internet troll will give a million reasons like "they shouldn't care if they're really happy", to validate their attacks, and because of the objectiveness of these platforms they dehumanize the person as well. The person their hating on becomes a Superhero in their eyes, everything they're not, they have "what do stones mean to a giant",mentality and begin chucking rocks. What they don't comprehend is that life goes on beyond YouTube, and these words can hurt, but they're not concerned they've already built an unstoppable image of you, so it's okay for them to be hateful, they're not even aware of how much they're really suffering in this act. 
    The internet troll lives off the anonymity, objectifying people in search of validation and attention. You may wonder why you're favorite celebrity has so many Twitter haters, it's because now not only can the internet troll anonymously attack you to take their mind of of their lives, objectify you for validation of the attack, but in doing so they get attention as well. If I had a quarter for every time someone said something negative about Justin Bieber and in doing so got into a war with some of his fans on Twitter, I'd be rich and typing this on a better laptop. The internet troll is all about finding any means necessary to feel better, and even if that means negative attention.
        Insecurity is a driving force behind the internet troll. The act of the internet troll tossing their opinion about so freely shows how much low self esteem they have. They doubt the weight of their words because they doubt themselves. They don't value their own judgement which is why they judge so freely. They don't care what kind of response they receive they just want to be responded to. The lack of standards to communication is obviously displayed in an internet troll. An internet troll will live behind a fake avi, being driven by offensive comments, they'd rather be hated behind a mask, then risk being hated in real life. An internet troll would rather waste time hating others than spend it on themselves, they don't think they're worthy of their own time. A secure person does not waste their time dismantling another person, a secure person does not have a fake bio, or fake profile picture, a secure person is not that negative, a secure person doesn't live for the life of someone else. An internet troll is not secure.
       I am not an internet troll, so this post is merely me reaching to a possibility as to why the internet troll exists. Before social media, haters lived behind your back and in whispers, not loudly filling up your comment section on YouTube. So before you get down or upset because your comment section,mentions on Twitter, Facebook message box is filled with trolls, take a moment to distance yourself from it and realize it's not you it's them. As for the internet troll and his or her own issues, that's their own personal war and I can't help them with that.  I can help other people who wish to share their talents,gifts, and self expression positively and tell you to keep doing what you're doing because it makes you happy, don't let some anonymous person with their own internal struggle stop you in the pursuit of happiness-ever.
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  1. Internet trolls are the worst. It's especially frustrating when they have the audacity to try and justify their behavior. :/

  2. yea it really sucks, but you've got to keep in mind they act the way they do because of them it's never because of the person being attacked