Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Semester Is Ending

     As my freshman year at college ends(or if you're in the U.K., I'm talking about university) I learned:

  • You have to take initiative. No one is going to do anything for you,you have call,email, and bother people if necessary but don't be ashamed. You have to take initiative for the things you want, and because it's things you want, that makes it worth it. 
  • School isn't everything. Life goes on beyond school. Education is not the begin all, nor the end all. Your future is dependent on you, your efforts,your will and God decide your life, not school. 
  • In college you're going to have a lot of alone time(unless you're a social butterfly and developed the most elaborate group of friends that walk with you everywhere, and if so ignore this bullet and share with me your secrets in the comment section lol). Build an incredible relationship with yourself, that's what I did. I'd encourage everyone to develop a great relationship with themselves at any age, but often when you're younger you don't understand what that entails.
  • I'm an independent and no that doesn't make me anti-social it just makes me pro-me, lol.
  • Don't be afraid to talk to people. Everyone is there for the same thing, a degree and they've all been freshmen before, you might run into some rude people, but there's a better chance you'll be talking to someone just like you, or has something in common with you that you'd never know. 
  • Don't underestimate yourself. I have been afraid of college for a very long time, ever since I was little and was immediately told that college was something I had to do, or at least try. College sounds big and scary but it's really not, you've gotten this far now isn't the time to run and hide from it. 
  • Mistakes happen, but they don't define you. 
  • Keep trying. 
  • Pray or for those who don't believe in God, meditate.
  • Don't stress yourself out,it gets nothing done, and I know it's only natural to stress from time to time, but it's worth trying not to.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. I don't care if you live in a farm town, or a city crime has no designated location. Keep your things close to you, carry some level of protection, and try not to be completely alone in an area. Although, I stated in a point above about getting to know yourself and being comfortable being alone, you also should at least be near people, not with but near.
  • Be open to different paths, and the fact that your path is your own original path for you. Don't compare yourself with other people, you're going to see people doing things you may not want to do, or things you want to do but can't and that's okay. One path is not bad, and another path is not necessarily good, they are all supposed to be different, because we all are different.
  • Your purpose should make you happy, and being happy is your purpose.
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  1. these are all really good points. im in my fourth year of study at univeristy/college and i sometimes forget some of these

    - Tara x