Friday, April 12, 2013

Won't You Just Smile?


         During the winter time, on  my way to school, my mother realized there wasn't enough gas in the car. We stop at a gas station, I get out to go pump the gas. It's freezing, it's 8:00 AM, and my body felt achy. I get in line behind a guy, he turns to me and says "hey smile, you're beautiful", I said thank you and gave him a smile, he turned around with a grin.The cashier smiles as he can hear the conversation, when my turn arrives I pay for the gas. Going outside I pump the gas, sit down and continue on my travels to school. Looking back on it, this is one of the most simple,  everyday interactions, that most people won't look into deeply, including myself. I never thought much of the brief talk the gentlemen and I had while waiting for gas, until a post on Tumblr sparked my curiosity.
     Tumblr is a blogging platform, you've got your funny posts, natural hair, rock band,television fandoms, fashion bloggers, everything is on Tumblr. A post sprung up about the social interactions we have on a daily basis like the one I just did, it explained how asking for someone to smile is an unnecessary instance for several reasons:

  • you don't know why this person isn't smiling?
  • you don't know if it's a struggle for them to smile?
  • who are you ask them to smile?
  • they have every right to frown
         I read this post with an open mind, and I really questioned that situation. What if I found out I lost a relative the day before, and couldn't make myself smile even if I wanted to? What if I didn't smile back at him, what reaction would he have given me then? If I continued to frown, would he have said something offensive, is exercising my right to reject his suggestion even considered an offense? You have to see from the person who's doing the asking, point of view as well. This person doesn't know what may strangle your will to smile, they may just be reaching out in the name of friendliness. The people around you may be bursting with joy and figure they could share it with others, and merely tell someone to smile, because they're alive, is this asking to much, is this a harmful action instead of good?
     I ask myself these questions still because I don't know the answers. I just wanted to share what I viewed on the post to ask you for your opinion.What do you think of asking someone to smile, is this act invasive, or perhaps it's not that serious? I want to know what you think because, ya girl is on the fence.

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