Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Wanted List By Yours Truly

  Hey guys! I was recently inspired by the mood board I created not long ago, from People Style Watch magazine, while gawking at my creation I go the urge to create this set.

My Wanted List

My Wanted List by deejaystyles featuring wedge sneakers

                  As you know, I've always been fond of crop tops, but terrified of them at the same time, I still want to get over that fear.I'd like to experiment with disco pants, I always hear people say that they suck your midsection in, and I think pairing it with the crop top would be genius. I love feeling tall, so wedge sneakers are a must. The sunglasses have such a classic feel that I love, and the floral crown is because I love how subtle and daring it is at the same time. The fun of the floral crown will never be lost on me, my inner child squealed at the sight of it. These are my most recent wanted items, what about you, what have you become recently obsessed with? Share your wants and thoughts on this post below in the comment box!


  1. thank you and it is really cute, I never have enough floral

  2. Love this look especially the floral shirt, I would totally wear it.