Monday, May 27, 2013

Breaking The 3rd Wall


         I've got some incredible news to share guys...celebrities are human beings like you and I. I know you're probably thinking, "blasphemy", "she's lost it!", but it's all true I tell you. Recently, Twitter has been the place to be, to see celebrities shed their skin on a public platform, whether it's feuding with one another or ranting about relationships.Recently there's been questionable behavior on Amanda Bynes' Twitter account(I still hold on to the notion that a lot of these reports aren't true, and it's all a hoax, remember what Joaquin Phoenix did.)Bynes can be seen tweeting pictures whether it's the infamous bathroom shot, or at the gym like some people I know. Then there's the, tweets like the notorious sexual invitation sent to none other than musician Drake(you know what I'm talking about and if you don't here's the link). Amanda is one of many who have been very candid on social networks, but that's not the point.
         The point is that many people are worried that celebrities taking to social networks like the average everyday person would only promote CWS, (celebrity worship syndrome). I propose that these social networks are giving celebrities a gateway to reveal parts of themselves the fans have never seen and may very well not like. CWS stems from the fantasy of this person, what's left when the fantasy goes up in smoke, drowned in tweets and too realistic Facebook statuses.
         People adore celebrities because it's all about the image of the celebrity, but you get to create and imagine how they really are.After reading so many tweets, facebook statuses, captions on instagram the imaginary qualities you've given this person begin to cancel out with the actual qualities that can be assumed from the social networks.
   What do you think, do you think social networks have promoted celebrity worship syndrome, or done the opposite, by removing the wonder of the celebrity in question?

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  1. I don't follow any celebs on Twitter or Facebook so I don't think I'm suffering from any celeb worship, but there are probably some people out there who are suffering. I do like that celebs are on social media, except when they use it for cat fights. I don't understand why anyone uses social media for cat fights. Good post about breaking the third wall.

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