Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's No Surprise That Girls Wear Bras

    I am amazed at the bralet trend, I want to try one this Summer when it heats up!I find the bralet trend daring and fun, which is exactly what I want to do this Summer. This is how I'd try this trend out:

Bralet Fascination

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          I'm all about give a little, take a little, with my style if you show a little cleavage take something else away. I like the alternation between revealing bits of skin, but that's just my personal style. I've seen this trend done in  other ways such as the bralet and high waist short shorts, which is also cute but it's not exactly my taste. What trend do you find daring, and would like to try,or are you willing to get a little daring this Summer at all?


  1. I love these bralet tops so much! I would wear them with a pair of high waist shorts but wearing them with a maxi skirt is a great idea too!

    Love from Canada,


  2. high waisted items are perfect with this kind of top

  3. I love this trend I would also wear them with high waisted items!

  4. thank you and I really think it's about the size you get, but I understand where you may be concerned

  5. I'm a big bralet fan!! The only prob I have is my teeny boobs- which on the one hand can have their advantages for this kinda top, but on the other I tend to look completely flat, hmmm.

    Like your picks xx


  6. the high waist shorts is something I'll have to dabble in,I always feel like I can't pull off high waist items but I know they look cute on other people

  7. thank you, and I'm so excited to try one of these looks the one with the midi is definitely one of my faves

  8. I love how you've paired the bralets. A bralet and a midi skirt is my favourite thing to wear!

    I'm your latest follower on GFC & Bloglovin :)


  9. I'm obsessed with these, literally. I love wearing tops like these with shorts (sorry, I like the combo:)) or high waisted harem pants and heels. So frigging hot. Showing skin is sexy. At least until you show everything.:)