Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Teen Wolf Is Coming Back!!!

     Teen Wolf comes back June 3rd,the wait is practically over. You all know how I was feeling during the Teen Wolf wait, (you can see my skit here Teen Wolf Withdrawal Skit. After much anticipation hopefully we'll finally get some answers to the questions that once plagued my sleep such as

  •  What is Lydia?
  • How is the Jackson story line going to turn out(Colton is now on Arrow on CW)
  • How old is Derek, I remember Jeff tweeting that the license we saw on one of the episodes wasn't necessarily accurate?
  • What are the alphas' plans?
  • Who is this person all hugged up on my fictional boyfriend Stiles in the new trailers????
  • Are Scott and Allison really never ever ever getting back together?
  • Will Jeff Davis come back to Twitter, please?!
        I can't wait to get all the answers to these questions, by the way check out one of the most recent trailers, I noticed a trend of demons, and associating the wolves with demons a lot in the trailers what do you  guys make of this? Tell me your observations and what you hope comes to light this season of Teen Wolf in the comment section!

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  1. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah. Off to go rewatch the old season!

  2. me to, I can't wait to see how the Alpha twins story goes