Tuesday, May 21, 2013

UPDATES(Yes It's Capitalized Because I'm Yelling It)


         Hello, ladies,possibly gents, and everyone in between today I have a few updates, I wanted to share. I now have 2 Twitter accounts, one specifically for the blog and one specifically for me. The blog Twitter account is still twitter.com/deejayhasspoken, but my own Twitter account is twitter.com/Dinesha_Johnson. I decided to creative a separate account for myself for professional purposes and better organization of ideas. By the way, you may have noticed I briefly had a poetry tab up on my blog, and has since been removed, I made the decision to simply add bits of my poetry to my Tumblr Deejay Gets Inspired which you can see right here My Poetry.
         By the way, Google Friend Connect is still very much on it's way to being out so to keep up with my posts, follow me on Bloglovin at this link, FOLLOW ME HERE SELF EXPRESSION SUPERHEROES .

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