Thursday, May 16, 2013

#WindowShopWithDeejay Pt.2!

      Hey guys, here's another window shopping trip. I went to Burlington Coat Factory and Sears!

I loved these false diamond studded pieces to dress up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

The colors and tones of these earrings really caught my eye. The dark reddish emerald shade is perfect for night time as well as the pyramid studs, and I loved that shade of blue in the hoop earring.

Basically these bangles are adorned in thee perfect shade of blue, absolutely gorgeous!

These were the other select pieces that caught my eye due to color, and print.
I have a very natural love affair with golden cuffs. The cuffs remind me of the Egyptians and I always like to imagine being Nubian royalty.

Introducing some of the Summer colors that trended all throughout Sear's accessory racks

Now lets take a look at some of the dresses, I really loved such as the tube dress below, very feminine and sweet. The sweet heart neckline is flattering on most and the print is very soft and very 80s/90s. This dress reminds me of something Kelly from Saved By the Bell would wear!

There is clearly a floral infestation...I'm not mad!

I love blue and red especially when they spike up the intensity of the colors all in the name of Summer. The blue lacy number above is also a high low dress, the long maxi dress is awesome for a long lean silhouette and the red's red blazer I don't need to explain that, lol.
Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post,leave a comment below about any of your favorite pieces or what you've seen in the stores!


  1. the blue bangles are my favorites, my mom even loved them too!

  2. Aye my eyes hurt! I LOVE the electric blue bangles and all the floral printed items wow!