Friday, May 10, 2013

#WindowShopWithDeejay !


       Hi guys! I decided to try a new segment on the blog called Window Shop with Deejay. I've gotten into the habit of taking pictures of the things I like in stores,to keep me from spending money. You can see me discuss my shopping frustrations here.I'm going to share with you all the things that caught my eye at the store ,the trends I noticed, and the brands to look out for!
      First off lets start at JC Penny, the store has been trying to upgrade it's image and it's doing exactly that. So many current trends were on display left and right, yet many of the things in question were either on sale or clearance racks!When I was younger and didn't entirely find enjoyment in picking out clothes I remember being dragged into JC Penny and my stomach being filled with dread, but now I approach the store with excitement amazingly. Beginning with one of the brands that caused a lot of my excitement, we're going to check out Betseyville a line created by Betsey Johnson, she has expanded into shoes along with her jewelry collections.

Get into spots of neon, and sky high wedges for Summer shoe trends.

Betsey Johnson is notorious for her fun jewelry, and that's definitely shown here. I love the quirky clock earrings it reminds me of Doctor Who and her color choice of the pearly white and gold reminds me of Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink!

These are the clutches that I'm slowly growing obsessed with by Lulu Guinness. Lulu Guinness is definitely made with the girly girly in mind. The bags are coated in intense pops of color that's awesome for an LBD(little black dress).
Cosmopolitan shoes are fairly new to me, and I'm greeting them with open arms. Edgy flats are comfortable and still speak volumes, I'm a fan.
This sky high wedge by Florence Worthington would be such a staple in my closet. I could picture wearing this shoe almost everyday. Comfortable and cute, is always a win.

Canvas bags have always been big with me, but I never see any I'm willing to purchase, until now. I love these bags by Olsenboye. I've purchased from the brand beforehand and they have continued to evolve and change yet still keep that originality Floral prints and tie dye are obvious hits for the Summer!
Now for the actual clothing!
I love this little white dress by Bisou Bisou, it's so feminine and versatile. 
I picture, wearing this out as is, with a pair of bring sandals perhaps, or pairing it with print tights and a leather jacket for a night out on the town!

This extremely bright baby doll dress by L'amour Nanette Lepore, is daring, it's short and it's not for the faint of heart. This style of dress is flattering on most body types and the color is brilliant on dark skin tones!

This is the end of the first Window Shop with Deejay post, I've got another one coming up soon! Let me know in the comments which picks you liked and if you enjoyed this new segment bye!


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  3. lol, your haul did the same thing to me!

  4. OMG why would you do that Dinesha? I'm craving on all of these now lol