Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Scary Spice and Everything Nice

   I've never really acknowledged just how much influence Scary Spice has had on my wardrobe and life until now. I admire her daring, bold, in your face style and I've found some of the elements in my own wardrobe! Looking back on it as a child of course Scary Spice was my favorite, she seemed the most fun but I never knew it would slip into my style. Animal prints are my favorite because of her, and she makes me want to leave the house with my big sun blocking afro and just take the world by storm. I love Scary Spice!

Team Scary Spice

   I will always be Team Mel B.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

When I Was Little

    Hello everyone, I decided I would do the When I Was Little tag I saw on YouTube a while back. I think this really fun and I tag everybody who reads this.

     Everyone has been tagged!
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

YouTube and Other Stuff I'm Not That Good At

         Every blogger has his or her own faults. The only problem with a blogger that has faults is when those faults start popping up in the blog, and that has happened to this blogger. I had some YouTube videos up which inevitably were deleted because...I just didn't like them. The covers I did sounded strained and out of breath(which is a result of me thinking too much while I should just be singing). My talking videos made me quite honestly- self conscience and awkward. I mean there I was sitting in my room talking to a camera alone, with people in my household thinking I've finally cracked. I have to get over myself, because sometimes I see certain YouTube videos and I think...I could do that! Then I try to do that, I watch it too many times, criticize myself and delete it and pray it doesn't show up in my E! True Hollywood Story someday.
         Other things besides YouTube that I'm not good at is keeping up with a proper blogging schedule. I hate randomly posting whenever. I've got this thing with order you see- I need it in my life.Other things I'm not good at is living for the moment, I'm consistently thinking of the future, hence why I delete day-old Youtube videos with views that are only my own because I think they're going to pop up later when I'm getting interviewed by someone. Something else I'm not that good at is promoting my brand, or better yet something I've grown lazy at.
          Promoting my brand was something I used to get excited over, telling people to "check out this link it leads to a life made of chocolate and treasure chests!" and it's really just a link to my blog which is basically the same thing but that's not the point. I have an identifiable brand, I just don't know how to campaign for it in a way that's interesting(or I'm just being over critical again, the world will never know).
   That's it for blogger things I suck at now that I've identified the issues I can tackle them football player-style and take them out mafia-style, by the way check out my cover of Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars below!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


       I decided to sing a quick cover of Unfaithful by Rihanna as a symbol that...I've been unfaithful to this blog. I've been doing a lot of work over on The Eye and doing work on my poetry page on tumblr which you can see here, Dinesha Writes Poetry. I haven't done any outfit of the days whatsoever, I've got to make a blogging schedule again because I never want to neglect this blog, my baby. Check out the video below, like it or share it if you like!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Confidence Campaign


   July 1st, I'm running a campaign on The Eye that's going to be about bloggers voicing their opinions on self awareness,confidence,promoting your brand and why having proper self-esteem and recognizing your skills is necessary in every industry, including the blogging industry. I'm excited for this new venture on The Eye and it makes me happy to have a positive message to send to everyone through blogging.
The mission of this campaign is to share the tools to be confident in this blogging world, and not to allow any predisposed notions about what a blogger is "supposed to look like", stop you from expressing yourself
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Flaws and All(Cover)

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  I did a cover of Flaws and All, check it out if you'd like!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Dark Girls

       I will be viewing the documentary Dark Girls tonight on OWN at 10 pm.The documentary discusses the dynamic that darker skinned women in the African American community face. Dark skinned women in the African American community still face various challenges when it comes to growing into their confidence and finding acceptance, because colorism is still an active discrimination process that gets conducted. What some people in the African American community is not aware of is colorism is a result of slavery. Slave owners would divide and categorize slaves, based on skin tone.Lighter toned slaves or those who were considered "passing", were given housework whereas dark toned slaves were in the fields doing more physically straining activities.This process was not made because one slave was liked more than the other, this process was made because it's easier to conquer a group of people when they are divided. I was unaware of the history of colorism when I first faced it in middle school.
         In 6th grade I disliked my skin color, I hated my hair, I hated my features. My low confidence was a source of conflict, it went against everything I was being taught. Having such low self esteem in my household was unheard of. My grandmother,aunt, mother and father always spoke about having confidence in myself no matter what, I'd nod along to their motivational speeches but that didn't stop me from crying every time I looked in the mirror.My family members voices' were never louder than the one screaming at me about how unattractive and ugly I was.
       I rarely saw girls that looked like me on TV as the leading role or models that looked like me, or women who were put on pedestals that looked like me, so what message was I being sent? I began letting the media and surrounding voices from school dictate my opinion of myself. My own view of myself began shrinking in comparison and that caused me pain.It finally hit me how long was I going to let hurtful statements and others opinions control how I feel about myself, when is enough, enough?
     I began taking ownership for my pain and decided I am no one's victim.I am not merely my outer appearance. Once I focused more on my inner healing, and finding the good within myself I found self worth. Finding self worth changed my entire perspective on myself. Once I found myself worthy of better, worthy of good I was finally in the position to love myself  inside and out. I guess that's why I've always been an advocate for self love. The media,people's opinions and society cannot appreciate, nor love you nearly as much as you can. Self love is the kind of love that never really falters and merely grows with time. Self love is a powerful kind of love that I hope everyone becomes familiar with, and I thank God I did.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

My Major

       I made a quick video to discuss why journalism is an amazing major,but you guys already knew that riiiight?

   I'm challenging you, yes you the browser, the glancer,the reader,the "how did I get here, ooh look purple", I'm challenging you to make a video about why, what you're passionate or interested in is awesome.Link it in the comment section, or tag me on YouTube, or tweet it to me, so I can watch it, as well. I think it's good to remind ourselves what makes our passion, our passion.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Doggone Denim

Hit or Miss

      I decided to discuss the denim dress trend, because I have a feeling that it's going to grow in popularity this Summer and because of the attachment I have to the trend. I remember when I was in the 5th grade, I auditioned to the Lion King in a denim dress with puffy sleeves, although the silhouette was favorable the material was murder!I like the shade of these dresses, I like the shape but it's all about just how the material works with air especially in the warmer seasons, so lets have it out guys! Denim dresses hit or miss?

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Blog Is Done!


         I've been working on the format of The Eye, and it's now everything I want it to be! I've been searching for the appropriate Tumblr theme, like a mad woman I was having dreams of Tumblr themes! The appropriate Tumblr theme has been found and I'm very happy. The theme is a lot more mature, and focused than that of this blog(because this blog is about my life so of course this one is going to be a bit all over the place because I am). I'm happy taking a professional step towards building a portfolio and in doing so, have created the The Eye, comments are now enabled you all should go check it out!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

I Can't Afford To Dream?

       So, the other day I'm on Twitter and I follow the HuffPost Detroit,when I see one of their tweets,"This chart will freak out every mom and dad in America" I click on the link out of curiosity and yet again, I read another article about the outrageous debt college students are in, and college has grown  even more expensive. I'm a glutton for punishment and continue to read and look at the stats. Deep down inside I try to tell myself "an article doesn't define my college education for me", "an article shouldn't scare me away from a goal", "an article doesn't make those kinds of decisions for me". I try to talk myself down, while still reading the article, and then I see related articles and click those as well. Soon my computer's browser is chock full of nothing but articles that are talking about the uprising of school prices, and the struggle of the college student. Millions of facts, statistics,charts, and professionals giving quotes explaining that getting a college education is one of the most financially difficult things to do, and even once you get the degree, there's still a chance you can't get a job to pay off the loans you took out, to get the degree in the first place. Suddenly I'm being slammed with popups and websites that say"Scholarship Here", "Scholarship There", "Sign Up for this False Website and You Might Have a Chance at a Scholarship, But an Even Bigger Chance of Getting Spam in Your Email Box for the Rest of Your Life".
       Before I know it, I'm sitting with my tired little laptop,torturing myself with the fear of failure,drowning in debt and self doubt, sobbing. This is when my faith in God gets tested, this is when I consider deleting every blog I own, all my social media, my youtube videos, my poetry, taking myself out of school, and shoving all my stupid little aspirations and dreams away. This is when I want to rip up my vision boards and scoff at the mere idea of me achieving my dreams, of buying my parents a home, buying them a car, starting my own scholarship for journalism students like me, who will need money after graduating(majority of journalism students end up interning for free, because that's how it is at a lot of publications). This is when I break down and come to the realization that I can't afford to dream. 
       After crying, and using half a role of tissue paper because now my allergies have awakened and plan to wreak havoc, I think "what next". If I can't afford to dream, then what can I afford? If I can't afford aspirations, if I can't afford to achieve, if I can't afford to desire, if I can't afford to want, what can I afford? What am I without being a dreamer?Who am I without being able to dream? Where would I be right now, if I didn't dream for more, I didn't dream for better?
    I find myself cancelling out the college expense coated browser I had opened still on my laptop.I then make a rule and add it to my vision board "nothing will make me doubt myself", I then add "keep dreaming", I then add "statistics mean nothing to the will of God", and suddenly I feel whole. I feel like there's plan for me I can't see, but I can feel it's presence. Those websites,articles, and other media can be overwhelming but  at the end of the day it's not up to that, it's up to you and God. My success is between myself and my creator, and he has blessed me with an infinite abundance therefore I can afford to dream,as much as I please.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Black Lip Stick Superhero

    I don't know why black lipstick makes me feel like a model...but it does.I was having an over zealous selfie session and this post was born.




  Everybody enjoy your Friday, and check out, new interviews have gone up!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Deleted My Twitter

         I deleted my twitter and now have a new one, you can follow me here . I decided I want my social media platforms to all be interrelated to building my brand and networking and that was not, what was being done on my other account lol. Now I have a new start, I can follow the people I professionally want to follow that includes my peers such as other bloggers,vloggers,news platforms and blogging networks. I feel like cutting loose that other account and starting from the ground up with this new one is going to benefit me a lot more than the spam let loose like wildfire on my other account. Have you ever done this before, felt like it was necessary to leave certain things behind? Delete an old account and start anew? This may sound odd, but it feels liberating to me, lol!Leave your twitter names below and we can all follow each other!

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The Eyes Have It(Another Pun, I Know Forgive Me)

     Hi guys! I recently decided to take a step towards fashion journalism and I'm venturing into online interviews with personal style bloggers as the primary goal.The new blog's name is called The Eye. I had the brief epiphany to start the blog when I was searching through different kinds of journalism and realized it's great to have a fashion blog when venturing into fashion journalism.I'm excited to really get to talk to other personal style and fashion bloggers, as a matter of fact, I've done an interview already, which you can click here, Interviewing Pia Staten. Feel free to check out the blog, and if you're a blogger, leave a comment below if you're interested in being interviewed and shared to the blog!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Picking A Career

When I was 5 years old, I decided to become a singer
When I was 8 years old I decided to be a writer. 
 When I was 17 years old I decided to be a journalist. 
        I often think am I making the right decision? It's only human to acknowledge the choices you're making in your life, the problem starts when you begin over analyzing-everything. Initially when I made the decision to go to school for journalism, I approached it as if journalism is the only thing I'll ever be allowed to do,for the rest of my life which obviously isn't true. I always assumed that your career makes up about 90% of your life, but life is so immense,unpredictable and random something like a career decision you make your freshman year of college is not the end all, be all for your life.
         The relief I felt when I acknowledged that life isn't just one straight shot road. Many different avenues,choices,friends you make,people you meet, things you do,opportunities you face can lead you into different places you never even imagined. I plan on becoming a journalist and making all the necessary steps in doing so, but I'm also going to acknowledge anything can happen along this path and embrace life's randomness. 

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Late Night Thoughts Are Changing

           I've been praying and praying in a new way. I pray in a way without fear, I pray for different things. I pray for guidance, I pray for answers, I pray for understanding, I pray for opportunities and most of all I give thanks. Recently, I prayed giving good thanks for all the amazing things he has done for me, and the peace I found in myself. The peace I have discovered is a result of truly understanding who I am, and loving her flaws and all. Often I'm in a constant pursuit of improving who I am, and when I don't do it perfectly, I criticize myself. Criticizing myself because my own personal effort to make myself a better person doesn't push me to do better, it makes me feel unworthy of better instead. Once I prayed I realize that God doesn't make us better people with punishment and battery, he makes us better people through his love. If I can love myself the way God loves me, show myself kindness in such a way I can truly blossom. In the midst of discovering this new way of making personal progress, I also learned yet another lesson.
        I often find myself conflicted between who I am and who I want to be, and have come to the conclusion that we are one in the same. The kind of person with the will and want to be courageous is indeed courageous, the person who has the desire to be outspoken is indeed outspoken, because to admire these qualities in such a way, and dare to understand their beauty takes effort and strength within itself. It takes strength to believe in the person you want to be, it takes strength to strive to be that person you've always dreamed of and by exercising the strength, you are becoming that very person.
      As long as I have the will to be the girl who can pick herself up and start over again, as long as I have the determination to be the brave girl and venture into a world all on her own, then I am. I have all these qualities already born within me, I just haven’t had the opportunity to exercise them. As these skills lie inside my chest unused and waiting for the chance to spring into action of course we stand by and admire them, of course we stare at them longingly. The heartbreak I feel isn't because I’m not the person I want to be, it’s because I haven’t had the opportunities to truly be who that person is. The person who I want to be isn't far off in a fantasy world. She lies inside me,tucked away by my heart, waiting for the day she hears her call, and self doubt dissolves before her feet. Through acknowledging and developing my relationship with God I am also developing a better relationship with myself.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ask Before You Touch My Hair

             Hi guys, recently there's been much debate about the You Can Touch My Hair campaign by  in the natural hair community. The campaign is in New York, where natural haired women from afros,locs, and flat ironed and everything in between are stationed with signs in hand stating, You Can Touch My Hair. You can read more about the campaign here Can I Touch You Hair?  The campaign is for people to quench their curiosity of black hair, and in doing so maybe quenching the curiosity people have about black people as a whole, it's supposed to knock down barriers and instead build bridges.
          Other individuals have shown up to the event with other signs such as the young lady with a sign that stated, You Can't Touch My Hair, But You Can Kiss My A**(I laughed so hard there's no point in me acting as if I didn't).  The young woman was not the only one who had another perspective on the event, other women came with signs in hand such as "I'm Not Sarah Baartman".Sarah Baartman was a slave brought to England by Alexander Dunlop who was gathering animal specimens for an exhibit he planned to hold in London, he brought her along to be apart of the showcase, like she was an animal as well. Looking at the history of black women and how we've been objectified, pulled apart and dissected, opposing reactions to this campaign are completely understandable. I have heard horror stories of young women with natural hair, having their hair tugged, pulled and leered at by strangers with no warning or question. Are people still that wary of black people that our mere existence is still this dumbfounding mystery, that even our hair is a source of massive curiosity?
       I understand the intention of the campaign is to put to death the myths of black hair, and to understand that many people are often just curious about black hair, and to explain that black hair isn't taboo. My specific point of view is simple,just because I am black that does not mean it's my job to educate, inform or help you understand my blackness. It is not my mission in life to help others understand black people, as if black people are these foreign aliens.I am not obligated to help others understand blackness in a country that has been the home to black people for 100s of years. I do not need you to understand my black hair. You are not entitled to touch my hair, it's not my job to consider your curiosity over my want to be comfortable.Do not touch my hair, without asking and even if you ask, understand I still reserve the right to say no. 


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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Release The Links!


           Hello there self expressionistas(I don't know why every blogger has the urge to add ista to almost everything,but we do and I'm unapologetic about it).I have a few links I wanted to share with you guys that I've recently written such as Finding Your Own Genre on where I discuss creating your own blog category versus finding one you can check it out here Finding Your Own Genre by Dinesha Johnson.
I've also started another page on my Tumblr Deejay Gets Inspired where I discuss blogging topics such as Getting Professional and When Blogging Stops Being Fun.
       You can see a lot more by the recent tabs I've created at the top of the blog towards the title if you like. My most recent article on my Tumblr Deejay Gets Inspired talks about the pseudo-Ryan Gosling breaking hearts on the streets of downtown Detroit, you can see that by clicking this link All That Glitters Isn't Gosling(I know that's an awful pun which is exactly why it had to be used muahahaha).

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Deejay Speaks Tip

Deejay Speaks Tip

T shirt
$7.63 -

Lipsy floral maxi skirt
$38 -

Peep toe wedge shoes

Betsey Johnson black stud earrings

    Maxi skirts are marvelous creations from the Comfort Gods.Toss on this long piece of fabric fashioned in the shape of a skirt, dress it up with some accessories and now people think you're mysterious, or too cool for school when in actuality you just didn't feel like shaving your legs! Besides the comfort and allure of the maxi skirt, they are very versatile pieces. Wearing a maxi skirt for me, is a chance to experiment with different elements like above. How do you guys feel about the maxi skirt?

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