Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Deleted My Twitter

         I deleted my twitter and now have a new one, you can follow me here . I decided I want my social media platforms to all be interrelated to building my brand and networking and that was not, what was being done on my other account lol. Now I have a new start, I can follow the people I professionally want to follow that includes my peers such as other bloggers,vloggers,news platforms and blogging networks. I feel like cutting loose that other account and starting from the ground up with this new one is going to benefit me a lot more than the spam let loose like wildfire on my other account. Have you ever done this before, felt like it was necessary to leave certain things behind? Delete an old account and start anew? This may sound odd, but it feels liberating to me, lol!Leave your twitter names below and we can all follow each other!

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