Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm Impressed, No Really!

            I love this Maybelline Coral Burst blush it was crafted by the makeup Gods with girls my complexion  in mind. The color is so bright, I thought maybe this would make a better eye shadow or something, but it's so soft and light on my skin tone it works perfect! I know my expression doesn't say impressed, but it's just because I was taking this picture without trying to look like I was taking a picture lol. I was near other people and I didn't want them making more assumptions then they were already making, so I tried to play it off lol. I really do love this blush though,applie lightly so you can build it up to your liking. The color is everything I've wanted for so long, I finally got my bit of coral for the Summer!

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  1. That blush looks great on you!

  2. WOW!Just wow,honey!:-)

  3. This looks so incredible on you - the color brightens up your entire face. And can I just say that you look gorgeous? I love your hair! :)

  4. thank you, and it would look great on your complexion by the way I loved your latest nail art on your blog!

  5. Oh the blush looks good on you, I never wear blushes but I'm loving this coral shade I'll look for it :)