Friday, June 21, 2013

My Major

       I made a quick video to discuss why journalism is an amazing major,but you guys already knew that riiiight?

   I'm challenging you, yes you the browser, the glancer,the reader,the "how did I get here, ooh look purple", I'm challenging you to make a video about why, what you're passionate or interested in is awesome.Link it in the comment section, or tag me on YouTube, or tweet it to me, so I can watch it, as well. I think it's good to remind ourselves what makes our passion, our passion.
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  1. thank you, and your degrees are incredibly impressive

  2. Journalism is my passion. That said...I majored in Psych for my BA, then Business Admin for my MBA, and now I'm starting Law School in the fall. I always find it interesting to learn why someone chose their respective major. Your passion for journalism is catching! :)