Thursday, June 6, 2013

Release The Links!


           Hello there self expressionistas(I don't know why every blogger has the urge to add ista to almost everything,but we do and I'm unapologetic about it).I have a few links I wanted to share with you guys that I've recently written such as Finding Your Own Genre on where I discuss creating your own blog category versus finding one you can check it out here Finding Your Own Genre by Dinesha Johnson.
I've also started another page on my Tumblr Deejay Gets Inspired where I discuss blogging topics such as Getting Professional and When Blogging Stops Being Fun.
       You can see a lot more by the recent tabs I've created at the top of the blog towards the title if you like. My most recent article on my Tumblr Deejay Gets Inspired talks about the pseudo-Ryan Gosling breaking hearts on the streets of downtown Detroit, you can see that by clicking this link All That Glitters Isn't Gosling(I know that's an awful pun which is exactly why it had to be used muahahaha).

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