Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Eyes Have It(Another Pun, I Know Forgive Me)

     Hi guys! I recently decided to take a step towards fashion journalism and I'm venturing into online interviews with personal style bloggers as the primary goal.The new blog's name is called The Eye. I had the brief epiphany to start the blog when I was searching through different kinds of journalism and realized it's great to have a fashion blog when venturing into fashion journalism.I'm excited to really get to talk to other personal style and fashion bloggers, as a matter of fact, I've done an interview already, which you can click here, Interviewing Pia Staten. Feel free to check out the blog, and if you're a blogger, leave a comment below if you're interested in being interviewed and shared to the blog!

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  1. thank you, and I'll send you questions to your email soon

  2. Oh congrats girl I've just seen your email, sorry I had to go through many other ones before seeing yours. I would love to do it!