Thursday, June 27, 2013

YouTube and Other Stuff I'm Not That Good At

         Every blogger has his or her own faults. The only problem with a blogger that has faults is when those faults start popping up in the blog, and that has happened to this blogger. I had some YouTube videos up which inevitably were deleted because...I just didn't like them. The covers I did sounded strained and out of breath(which is a result of me thinking too much while I should just be singing). My talking videos made me quite honestly- self conscience and awkward. I mean there I was sitting in my room talking to a camera alone, with people in my household thinking I've finally cracked. I have to get over myself, because sometimes I see certain YouTube videos and I think...I could do that! Then I try to do that, I watch it too many times, criticize myself and delete it and pray it doesn't show up in my E! True Hollywood Story someday.
         Other things besides YouTube that I'm not good at is keeping up with a proper blogging schedule. I hate randomly posting whenever. I've got this thing with order you see- I need it in my life.Other things I'm not good at is living for the moment, I'm consistently thinking of the future, hence why I delete day-old Youtube videos with views that are only my own because I think they're going to pop up later when I'm getting interviewed by someone. Something else I'm not that good at is promoting my brand, or better yet something I've grown lazy at.
          Promoting my brand was something I used to get excited over, telling people to "check out this link it leads to a life made of chocolate and treasure chests!" and it's really just a link to my blog which is basically the same thing but that's not the point. I have an identifiable brand, I just don't know how to campaign for it in a way that's interesting(or I'm just being over critical again, the world will never know).
   That's it for blogger things I suck at now that I've identified the issues I can tackle them football player-style and take them out mafia-style, by the way check out my cover of Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars below!

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  1. exactly being over critical is a real problem with me but I'm going to work on it, I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who's faced this I'm sure it gets better as you keep trying

  2. I can totally feel you, people have been asking me to make videos but I knew that it would be very difficult. I've finally decided to give it a try and I always feel awkward when I watch them, I start to criticize myself and I want to delete them haha but my mom always told me that people don't see every details I see myself so I should just calm down and accept that things can never be perfect :)

  3. This is so true you know, but it's nothing to be embarrassed of. I remember when I first renamed my blog - I deleted around 27 posts because they were those low quality selfies that got no views and comments but my own. But I regret that now because it would have been nice to see how far I've gone from there - and I still get so embarrassed to put myself and my blog out there, I still don't know self promotion.

    Just do what you love sweetie. I think sooner or later we figure out to fix things :)

    - Che