Tuesday, July 9, 2013

5 Years Part 2

        Am I happy with what I have accomplished in my 5 years of blogging....Yes.   I may not be where I thought I'd be but I'm content with my current position. I have created my own personal brand I can use in an interview as experience. Using my blog I now promote a message of healthy self-expression through many mediums and I hope I inspire you to try them as well. I have created a fashion website that promotes the behind the bloggers perspective that I feel was lacking in the fashion blog world. I have done things that make my younger imaginative self smile, and I found a message to  send in all of this as well. Taking what I can do and applying it to make a positive difference that's bigger than myself is enough to help me sleep at night. Besides finding a positive message to promote through my brand and fashion website, I can't deny all the amazing things blogging has taught me personally.
    I learned a lot about myself and what my passions are. I learned just how much I love to express myself and how healthy self-expression is. I learned that there's more to life than popularity, more to life than just trying to make money. I learned that doing what you're passionate about is supposed to be the first step, and then the rest will follow-not the other way around. I've met some really nice people, and some not so nice people through blogging. I learned that as human beings we are so diverse and that our opposing views and looks are truly what makes us beautiful.Through blogging I learned about hard work,consistency and the true meaning of doing something out of passion instead of out of what your peers may think.
     I had no idea I'd gain so much from my first step into blogging, my first blog was called That One Girl and I was going to take on an anonymous identity and hoped it would go viral like those YouTube videos that one girl made that turned out to be fake....that's not what I want at all now that I've matured. I understand the value in originality and just being true to yourself. Thank you Blogger for a great 5 years and many more.
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