Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lessons in Blogging

When I initially began this blog I wanted it to be a personal style blog, with a zeroed in focus on fashion, of course the blog has expanded into the lifestyle genre. I still like sharing my personal taste in fashion with you guys from time to time. I decided to share a few tips I've found looking at other personal style blogs in an attempt to improve my own personal style section of the blog. 

  •     Leave outfit descriptions below your look to answer questions like, what provoked you to pick out this look or is there a specific occasion for this particular look?
  • Leave the brand and or store you bought the clothes from in the description below. When you leave the brand or store below, you make it easier for the reader to be able to choose something similar or perhaps they're interested in a store that sells clothes like the ones you're sharing. 
  • Recycled outfits are still worthy of sharing, when I say this I mean imagine you've already shared a particular look, but this time you're wearing it with added jewelry and a different skirt. I,personally love seeing a personal style blogger get two looks out of one item. One of my favorite things about picking out looks, is exercising my creativity. I think too myself "I've worn this one way, now how can I completely change it and still fit it to my style".Besides who realistically buys something with the intention of never wearing it again(I love my clothes too much to disband them after wearing them just once). 
  • When sharing outfit posts on Twitter mention the brand or store in the tweet, brands often retweet to show their followers how you wore the item in question, which means more viewership for you. 
  • Not everyone is going to like your personal style, and get as ecstatic about an outfit like you do and that's ok. You have to have tough skin as a personal style blogger, and remember it's YOUR PERSONAL style, not your readers. You can read about handling negativity in the video I've recently done here, You Can't Sit With Us
That's all the tips, I have as far as personal style blogging, leave any of your tips you've discovered below in the comments! Bye guys!

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  1. awesome tip on the watermark I just started doing this with my photos!

  2. I never thought about tweeting the brands for more exposure. Great tip. I plan I to add a board on Pinterest so that my ensembles can drive traffic to my blog. Also one should always watermark their photos so that whoever see the pic knows who the creator is.