Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lianne La Havas Taught Me

         Lianne La Havas is an English folk and soul singer,songwriter,plays multiple instruments and is currently one of my favorite new musical artists. Lianne has a way of using her voice like the finely tuned instrument it is and exposing so much emotion, it's beautiful and inspiring. Her most recent song below, shook something inside of me, and had me ready to write poetry about the story of the music video.

     Now besides Lianne's incredible talent, I also noticed her beauty looks are spectacular!
        Lianne is all about the give and take method towards makeup she'll give us a strong cat eye and then a neutral lip, or a powerful lip and then neutral eyes. Lianne is seen frequently with a thick cat eye line(something I favor myself),she always keeps a bronzey glow to her skin as well. I love her makeup she inspires me to try some new things with my own makeup routine.

Neutral,Neutral, Cat Eye!

   Now, excuse me while I go listen to more of Lianne's music as she sings to my spirit.

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  1. you're welcome I had to let other people know about this gorgeous voice she has!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Her music is beautiful!