Saturday, July 13, 2013

Neon Is Taking Over The World

neon named

        Neon has taken over the planet and I'm okay with this, I surrender. I want neon accessories badly but after first developing the draft for this post I came to the's not enough. So if you prefer dabbling in the neon trend wear jewelry or bags with this color and let the rest of the outfit be fairly neutral but for those who'd like to play more with the intense color hit the read more button.
        Taking a few notes from Diane of DeeVine Anonyme and Shope from London's Closet, it's easy to incorporate more of the neon trend in an outfit as long as you're willing to let it be the sole stand out piece.


     I decided to do a sporty glam look that's really beginning to lock my interest. Sneakers and a skirt has something slightly hissed at in my household but I never understand the trouble with it, so I welcome this trend with open arms.


      Simplicity that isn't that simple. This three piece combo outfit gives enough statement as is, and I added the necklace for character!

  The neon in this skirt is being held secret. I decided to go down a darker,edgier path for an evening look and the underlying neon in the dress is more than enough.

That's all for my playing in neon looks, leave a comment below of your favorite, and how do you plan on playing the neon trend?
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  1. great seletion

    kisses from italy

    The Fashion Factory

  2. love this post, deffo agree about neon!


  3. All these colours, love love love!x

  4. thank you and I've really been obsessing over it to, I've been looking on Ebay for neon pieces like crazy

  5. Great post D! I really cannot get enough of this trend!