Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Question Bridge Interactive

   Question Bridge Interactive by Hank Willis Thomas, is an artwork  in a league of it's own and the message behind this project is downright ground-breaking. It's stated on the website which you need (yes I said need) to check out here Question Bridge Interaction , "A responsive design platform that reveals the true complexity,diversity,and humanity within an identity group", I feel like this project has a powerful,positive message necessary to be shared with out society.
         When you stereotype people, you put them in a box of what you think and assume them to be, limiting them, stunting their growth and taking away their right to be an individual, a human individual with individual traits. Every  person has their own story, their own perspective but stereotypes have promoted the behavior of treating one another like static characters in a book. This project promotes the different perspectives,stories,responses and experiences from man to man, and I'm sure it will promote healthy conversation.
     I  love the potential in this project and I'd love for you guys to watch the video, and donate to the kickstarter if you can here,

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