Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Used To Be The World's Most Fashionable Gladiator

Shoes in Short

      Gladiator sandals are something I've coveted for quite some time. Each of the pair above are less than a 100 dollars and nothing over 60, I've never been so tempted to online shop in my life, well yes I have...I just don't have any money so temptation is futile.Besides talking about depressing things like not having money for new sandals, lets just admire the beauties above. You all know my fixation with feeling tall so I had to incorporate the wedged gladiator sandals, and you all know how much I love comfort so I included a pair of flat ones as well. Let me know in the comment section which pair you like the best before I fall any more in love with these shoes.

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  1. oh loving the gladiator pair and the tan brown wedges so damn hot!