Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Dresses

   What have I been up to? Allow me to tell you, I've been meditating,applying for scholarships and jobs and working on my blog The Eye and trying to figure out some fresh ideas for this blog as well(also have been trying to drop about 4 lbs. and as a result my sleep schedule is cray). I've recently had 2 dresses purchased for me(see how I worded that) and decided to share the joy having new Summer dresses!


The striped dress is by Faded Glory the other..the other got too excited and ripped it's own tag off. I love both of these dresses, I want to pair the striped dress with floral print accessories and the high low tribal print  dress is just so trendy and actually compliments my skin tone! What do you guys think of these dress choices, what are some the purchases you've recently indulged in leave a comment below and don't forget to follow Deejay Speaks on bloglovin!

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  1. love the dresses

  2. I love summer dresses like these! so happy I found your blog :)