Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Maxi Skirt Shall Reign Supreme

         Maxi skirts are essentially fashionable lounge wear.Seriously, they're really comfortable and yet people think you're stylish at the same time because of the association people make between formality and skirts! Maxi skirts win in my book so much that I converted this maxi dress into a maxi skirt. I didn't need any scissors, no needles,no thread I just used the old fashioned method of folding the straps and chest region inward and putting this belt around my waist to complete the look. As a matter of fact this is the same dress I was going to wear to orientation in this post, 3 Looks,One Orientation!

Friday, August 30, 2013

I Blame Destiny's Child

      Back in the day when I was a young elementary school girl,I was obsessed with Destiny's Child. I remember seeing the girl group step out in camouflage attire as they sang their hit Survivor. After imitating the dance moves and trying to grasp all the lyrics, I said to myself :

The Hallway is a Catwalk

    Hello guys, I decided that there will no longer be anymore negative talk in reference to students,money or loans. Students are exercising their rights to invest in themselves, this is not a broke college(or university) student guide because I don't want that kind of association to students. I am a student bound for success who just likes to save cash :).  Today's post features online store Everything 5 Pounds, one of my favorite blogs Blue Violet Hearts did a post on Everything 5 Pounds where she purchased some gorgeous shoes and the quality is actually pretty nice, check out that post here Everything5Pound...SAY WHAT? Everything really is 5 pounds and in the U.S. that's the equivalent of about 7.95 which is still pretty awesome giving the versatility of the items and just how much is being sold.


Everything!! by deejaystyles featuring a flower print skirt

I decided to feature a few Fall shoes looks and still some Summer shoes looks for those trying to grip onto these last few days of August. I also wanted to show some of their clothing above, they've got great legging choices too!Leave a comment below about you favorite piece, and if you go check out Everything 5 Pounds tell them Deejay sent you :) !

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

All Of Your Best Friends Are Ready For Homecoming,Are You?


             Homecoming is right around the corner for many of you this may very well be your first homecoming(fun loving freshmen) or it could very sell be your last(you sassy seniors!). I decided to help in your quest for the perfect dress by selling my own!Buy this dress at this link Deejay's Dress Sale With Ebay, if you're interested in looking like a princess on your special night or share this link for someone who you think would love this dress!Get a move on, and get the word out, the dress of your dreams(or someone you know), is just a click away!

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Likes,Loves and All of Thee Above

       Hello ladies and germs today's style lusting post features the lovely Shay Mitchell known for her role as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars. Although, I do not watch Pretty Little Liars(I was going to but I waited too long, couldn't catch up and know how that goes), I noticed Shay Mitchell's style. Shay really knows how to do casual styled outfits right! I love her everyday ensembles they're totally something I could see myself wearing! Shay's denim choices are full of potential for even more outfit combinations, and she clearly knows the perfect fit for her figure. Mitchell's casual denim looks are awesome inspiration for people going back to school as well. Shay is a denim diva!

Chic and Casual

Chic and Casual by deejaystyles featuring stiletto heel pumps

Shay Mitchell inspired Polyvore set

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Party In The Comments!!!!!!!!!

       I've been holding surveys on Instagram for my blog which you can see here Instagram Survey 1 ,Instagram Survey 2 and Instagram Survey 3! I just wanted to let you know what's going on with my Instagram at the moment! You can feel free to leave a response to any of the Instagram questions below as well, I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Self Expression Is Still At My Core


                                           (My theme song)

           I have dabbled in a lot over this year as far as self-expression. From my fashion vlog series Self-Esteem On Your Screen, to my blog ,my spoken word and adding to my written poetry collection, I've been happy with my projects. I've been staying true to myself as far as creating and sending a message I can stand by.
     By expressing myself through several mediums, I've found my voice and hopefully inspired someone else to find their's. Ultimately Deejay Speaks has always been about me, and the message of self-expression and just how important it truly is. Without self-expression all those pint up things that grow inside of you will rot the dark hidden areas you don't like paying attention to. Finding an art form to express yourself, eventually forces you to deal with certain areas that you'd rather avoid.Self-expression is always at the center of everything I do, it's what drives me to keep creating even when it can feel pointless.
   Self-expression is investing time in yourself to look into the complicated beauty that is yourself and reflect on it. Self-expression is taking the time to create something in tribute of yourself, whatever that maybe. Self-expression is acknowledging not everyone is going to understand your art but that doesn't matter because it's for you,and you are a worthy audience member alone.
       Leave a comment below and let me know how you express yourself, and why. I want to know what you do to let loose of those feelings and how it makes you feel after, express yourself in the comments!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Orientation Outfit Choice Was.....

        My outfit choice for orientation was... this sparkly,sequin kissed number! I could totally be a model for the BONGO brand because that's exactly what I'm wearing from head to toe.Both the top and pants were bought from Sears.The purse was a hand me down from my aunt, I love the quilted texture.What convinced me to go with this look, was the pants are jeggings which are extremely comfortable and that's exactly what I wanted for this orientation. Check out the losing looks in this post here, 3 Looks, One Orientation .
   This look is a thousand times better than my original look from my first orientation,I wore all black in 80-90 degree weather and was sweating buckets, yuck!My current outfit is airy, comfy and still gave me sparkle, that's the definition of win in my book. What did you guys wear to your college(or university) orientation?In fact, what's a good back to school outfit to you guys, do you like to go all out or keep it simple?Leave a comment below, I'll definitely be taking style notes from you guys!

What Motivates You?

               Everyone gets motivated differently. Not everyone has the same exact drive, for the same exact things, we as people are extremely diverse and without that diversity the world would be so bloody bland!Lately, I've been looking up different methods and ways to get motivated because at the moment I feel defeated. Going to this new school(which means trying to figure out where classes are and praying I can keep up with the coursework), taking courses I'm not particularly excited about(my late registration is what did my schedule in),transportation and of course money.
    I would like to approach this situation like a veteran, prepped and ready to take it all on because I've been here before and came out victorious! I can't. I can't have a pep rally,because I'm too busy second guessing if I have it in me to face all these same challenges again.One thing I did, was take out my old notebook, my Blessings Book. My Blessings Book is where I wrote down all my blessings whether daily,weekly or monthly. I began reading about my blessings and remembering that God never failed me before. God has been by my side the entire time, maybe not in the time I want Him to be, but He's there in the time He feels he needs to be.
    Slowly but surely, my second guessing is starting to fade and I'm remembering God's embrace he has on me. My fear has slightly descended and my anxiety is easing up, as I take strides to get closer and closer to His presence. When you're feeling unmotivated, afraid and shaken remember who woke you up this morning, who gave you purpose,who designed you,who knows your path better than you do. What motivates me to keep moving is God, and remembering his strength and love he has in me. Last semester, during the Winter, I needed about 10 books for all of my classes, I could only afford 3. I still managed to pass with a 3.2, that was God's blessing over me. God got me through my last semester when I had every issue seemingly to pop up. Between my great grandmother getting sick, and not having funds for school it would of been easier to give up altogether but I didn't and he pulled me through it all.
     How dare I be afraid of a new journey when I carry my own testimony with me? How dare I second guess myself and in doing so second guess his plan for me? Who am I to doubt Him in the face of the victories, he has already won for me?What motivates me, is remembering God's grace and control in my life, and whether I continue my academic career this year or take another path He will always be there, so I will continue to move forward because he guides my steps and paves my way.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Looks, One Orientation

            I have a university orientation today and decided to share with 3 looks I'm interested in doing. To be perfectly honest with you orientations at university tend to be boring, and with this being my 3rd(my old school held a part 1 and a part 2 both are required), I'm not looking forward to it. I'll share the details of how my orientation goes and which look I went with tomorrow.Help me decide which look I should go with today!?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Daydreamer Girl


       I daydream a lot, to the point that I get upset when reality comes knocking at my door. I don't want to be angry or upset with reality, I want to approach reality with open arms. Daydreaming makes it hard to be content with reality because in comparison to your daydream, it looks dreary and small. The key word is "it looks", that doesn't necessarily mean your reality is dreary and small it's your perception.
     The way you view reality will reflect in your daydreams. If you daydream about being the center of attention you probably feel your position in life is off. Instead of daydreaming, I want to get active. I want my daydreams to be realities, so I'm writing a list! I'm writing a list of things I am in my daydreams, why I daydream about them and in what way can I make them real. Dreaming about the life I wish I had is a waste of time when I can actively work on building it as we speak!

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Likes,Loves and All of Thee Above

         I've been fangirling about Kat Graham for quite some time, her music videos get my creative mind buzzing. I noticed Kat is very versatile in her looks from daring spikes and edgy leather, to quirky looks that she pairs with a golden Mickey purse, one thing is constant in her looks are always fun.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

College(or University) Student Spending

       I am dedicating a series of posts to student style spending because being a student doesn't mean your wardrobe should suffer. In fact being a college(or university for those who don't live in the states)student shouldn't mean you should suffer at all.College students I notice have somewhat of a bad rep as far as debt, as if being in debt is something we actually want, which is completely untrue.No one wants to be in debt, no one wants to financially struggle and being a student is just a person trying to invest in themselves so they don't have to financially struggle.As a student I always appreciate college fashion blogs such as that gives fashion tips and budgeting tricks!
       Hopefully these posts will help you as I have been helped by others in finding shops, and online stores that can accommodate the average student budget.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tattooed An Ootd on My Sleeve

        I turned 19 on Aug.16th this year and received my first. The tattoo process did not hurt at all, it was like a scratch to be honest with you, but everyone's pain threshold is different. One of my friends received her tattoo on her arm in the same spot as I and she said it was the worse pain ever, whereas during my tattoo I sat on the phone texting and calling people out of boredom.After I received my tattoo I pranced about with my little permanent reminder taking instagram pictures which you can see here,

(Photo taken from my Facebook page

The tattoo says Speak With Your Heart, and a small microphone near it. The phrase means a lot to me because I do need to mind the things I say and don't say. I'm a horrible self critic.I'll hush myself before even giving my own opinion a chance to hit the airwaves and then turn around and criticize myself on something else.Speaking with your heart means, I'm paying attention to my true self, the self that lies beneath my ego and giving it a chance to speak up.My heart expresses my true good intentions, therefore I do need to let it do the talking a lot more. God speaks to us through our hearts and now I will forever be reminded to speak with mine and therefore speaking his word.
         Of course after the tattoo my family and I gorged ourselves with pizza and cake and then went to the park to try and walk off the blasted calories. A photo shoot took place. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Likes,Loves and All of Thee Above

          Gather around guys it's honesty time! Every time I come onto this blog I feel as though I should share something profound,something thought provoking,something outrageously creative,something that's really going to inspire you guys. I think about you guys a lot during this whole blogging process, I really do. I know I'm supposed to blog for me and I am, but I can't help the urge to want to impress you guys.So I go to some lengths I didn't think I would to make sure little details are together, add a picture or do an entire shoot over again to make sure it's right.
        Putting stuff on the internet is taken likely by many, but for me I'm always thinking about "who's going to see this post?!" and then I go out of my way to impress an imaginary person and that is not healthy my dears. So for now on, my blogging process is going to be a lot more casual, a lot more organic and doing blog posts will be more fun and filled with persona.
      With this new declaration of comfortable blogging, I decided to share with you my secret style obsession....Zayn Malik of One Direction. .Yea I said it, or better yet typed it! I'm obsessed with not Zayn's hair,not his face's(although that is quite nice),I'm obsessed with this dude wardrobe.

         Who dresses this young man, I want their number!? Does he pick out his own clothes(God bless him)?The jackets are always fitted to perfection, look at that quilted bomber jacket...are you looking?!
I have always had a thing for motorcycle jackets,bomber jackets,varsity styled jackets because it my head it translates effortless cool and who doesn't want to look effortlessly cool?? Never in my life have I wanted to raid a young man's closet until now. I don't want your autograph Zayn...I want your closet.
   Allow me to explain what has me head over hills for his clothes.There is this simplistic edginess going on right now in each look. One stand out piece for each outfit that makes a statement of its own the rest is chill and relaxed. I love an outfit that can make a statement with simple adjustments,I'm a details girl!

I got inspired

       Did you really think a Polyvore set wouldn't happen?

          Comme Coco is a personal style blog with a spotlight on Jenni Jehanne's outfit choices. Jehanne's blog is  where she expresses her thoughts and opinions on the fashion industry,DC and Baltimore style and celebrating her Haitian roots.I love bloggers who a direct, opinionated voice to their writing, you can tell she's writing from her own specific point of view. Besides the voice she uses as she writes, I love her style. A lot of her outfits I could see myself picking out, and she always adds that extra touch so you know this is her original style shining through.

All of Thee Above, I Want It All!

                        This my friends, is the "all of thee above" portion of this post where I explain all my latest wants and fashion needs. Platform sneakers give me height and comfort at the same time, what's not to love?Tigers are one of my favorite animals so this whole tiger face trend thing that's going on fits me perfectly. Last but not least leather details add that touch of edge to every outfit, that I crave!Leave a comment below if you enjoy posts like these, I love to hear from you guys bye!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fashion Every Flipping Where


        Hellllooo, beautiful people! I decided to share with you guys some of the very lovely fashion bloggers I've interviewed over on The Eye. The Summer really brought out some great style inspiration for  many fashion bloggers, and that I'm sure you'll love! You can click on each picture to reach that specific blogger's interview and find their blog link!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Photo Quality + iPod Blogging

          Basically I've been doing a lot of blogging from my iPod.Yea, my iPod an iPod 5 in white with apps, and a handy little installed camera.You guys don't know but I  had a constant struggle with cameras. I began blogging with a webcam but I didn't like how it would overheat my computer so quickly and take forever to load. I bought an iPod(initially for music) and I began taking pictures with that. I also now own a point and shoot camera, but with no tripod and no photographer boyfriend, finding places for it to prop up was a struggle as well. My iPod even though the quality of the picture isn't as good as the point and shoot camera balancing it and using the timer is much easier, so now I'm giving and taking at the moment as far as cameras.
      My fierce desire for better quality pictures kicked in every so often and the shame of my own pictures takes hold thus after. I began daydreaming about all the tech devices I wish I could buy instead of being grateful for the few I have. Imagining a place where tablets are given away like lemonade at stands in the Summer, and DSLR cameras are things people are simply born with, didn't help my blogging process.Without even acknowledging it, I built a world in my head that revolves around DSLR cameras and how they're necessary for success which isn't entirely true.
     Many bloggers have started off from camera phones and webcam cameras to capture their style and creativity. I think I manage to do a lot with my iPod pictures. I'm not ashamed of where I am right now because I'm aware of where I'm heading, and I'm proud that I really do, do the best with what I have.Which leads me to share with you some of the apps I use to blog and take pictures with!

Whims is a creative text post app.I like giving blog updates and using the app to create titles for blog posts from time to time.The graphics are cute, the app is fairly simply to use and sharing updates is conveniently installed in the app as well.

This is Framatic I use it to make collages for both blog posts and Instagram posts. Framatic is easy to use,has multiple frames and great filters if I wanted to edit my pictures as well.

I use the Tumblr app to...reblog myself. I know, there are people who can't stand others who reblog themselves, but this shameless hustle has to start somewhere guys!

Cropic is awesome for cropping your pictures to fit Instagram and it has multiple choices for backgrounds that make the picture stand out.

This is CameraProFx it comes with different filters,edits, and a self timer.The self timer is awesome just watch out for ad pop ups, they can get quite annoying.

I adore the Polyvore app, you can create an outfit on the go(or wherever there's WiFi) simply by the flick of your fingers. You drag and pull items and the recent update just made it easier to share your outfit sets and what not which I will be taking advantage of soon. All of these apps are 100 percent free, cause I'm cheap. I'm currently on the hunt for a scheduled tweet app, and a shorten url app so I'll share that with you guys to!

That's all guys these are all the apps I use when it comes to blogging(or when I don't feel like turning on my laptop).

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