Tuesday, August 20, 2013

College(or University) Student Spending

       I am dedicating a series of posts to student style spending because being a student doesn't mean your wardrobe should suffer. In fact being a college(or university for those who don't live in the states)student shouldn't mean you should suffer at all.College students I notice have somewhat of a bad rep as far as debt, as if being in debt is something we actually want, which is completely untrue.No one wants to be in debt, no one wants to financially struggle and being a student is just a person trying to invest in themselves so they don't have to financially struggle.As a student I always appreciate college fashion blogs such as
http://www.collegefashion.net/ that gives fashion tips and budgeting tricks!
       Hopefully these posts will help you as I have been helped by others in finding shops, and online stores that can accommodate the average student budget.

         Mart of China  is an online store with everything from shoes to dresses. I wanted to put a spotlight on the shoes in particular to this post because YouTuber, ItsMyRayeRaye has shopped at the store and displayed the quality of the shoes, which is actually pretty great. All the items shown above are all below $20 and there's a free shipping section on the blog as well. If you head over to http://martofchina.com make sure to let them know deejayspeaks.blogspot.com referred you! Do you know any shops with pocket friendly items, let me know in the comment section!


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