Monday, August 5, 2013

My Latest Blog Topic!

          My fashion blog The Eye is currently undergoing a new blog topic I spoke about briefly before, all about fashion trends, what do they mean, and why do they matter. The first few sections I'm currently doing is:  
  • Trend Talk With The Eye, where I interview various fashion bloggers to determine their take on the power of trends and how the fashion industry conducts them. 
  • A weekly Fall fashion inspiration board, the first one is already up which you can see here, Fall Fashion Trend #1 Is..
  • I've done a beginner survey on Instagram, asking how people use both fashion trends in combination with their own style, which you can see here INSTAGRAM SURVEYS FOR THE WIN!

           I'm very happy with this topic on The Eye, trends have always kind of amazed me as a child, because they're so blatant and identifiable. I could always spot what the latest trend was from how much the campaign would try and advertise that specific item or perhaps drop it in a movie and have the main character wear it. My mind would wonder to, "what is the importance of making sure everyone is wearing similar items", of course the importance lies in sales and money but I think it's more than that. Perhaps it's easier to control consumers tastes by trying to promote certain trends heavily and that makes it easier to sell, but where does the creative process go in this act of constant marketing.Hopefully I can answer a few of these questions by the end of the month by the way, I wanted to formally invite you into the discussion! 
 Feel free to check out The Eye!
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  1. I really liked what you wrote about the instagram survey and totally agree!