Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Orientation Outfit Choice Was.....

        My outfit choice for orientation was... this sparkly,sequin kissed number! I could totally be a model for the BONGO brand because that's exactly what I'm wearing from head to toe.Both the top and pants were bought from Sears.The purse was a hand me down from my aunt, I love the quilted texture.What convinced me to go with this look, was the pants are jeggings which are extremely comfortable and that's exactly what I wanted for this orientation. Check out the losing looks in this post here, 3 Looks, One Orientation .
   This look is a thousand times better than my original look from my first orientation,I wore all black in 80-90 degree weather and was sweating buckets, yuck!My current outfit is airy, comfy and still gave me sparkle, that's the definition of win in my book. What did you guys wear to your college(or university) orientation?In fact, what's a good back to school outfit to you guys, do you like to go all out or keep it simple?Leave a comment below, I'll definitely be taking style notes from you guys!


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  1. thank you! :) I love them to, I need more in my wardrobe

  2. Cute! I Love the top. I'm a sucka for sequence :)