Monday, August 19, 2013

Tattooed An Ootd on My Sleeve

        I turned 19 on Aug.16th this year and received my first. The tattoo process did not hurt at all, it was like a scratch to be honest with you, but everyone's pain threshold is different. One of my friends received her tattoo on her arm in the same spot as I and she said it was the worse pain ever, whereas during my tattoo I sat on the phone texting and calling people out of boredom.After I received my tattoo I pranced about with my little permanent reminder taking instagram pictures which you can see here,

(Photo taken from my Facebook page

The tattoo says Speak With Your Heart, and a small microphone near it. The phrase means a lot to me because I do need to mind the things I say and don't say. I'm a horrible self critic.I'll hush myself before even giving my own opinion a chance to hit the airwaves and then turn around and criticize myself on something else.Speaking with your heart means, I'm paying attention to my true self, the self that lies beneath my ego and giving it a chance to speak up.My heart expresses my true good intentions, therefore I do need to let it do the talking a lot more. God speaks to us through our hearts and now I will forever be reminded to speak with mine and therefore speaking his word.
         Of course after the tattoo my family and I gorged ourselves with pizza and cake and then went to the park to try and walk off the blasted calories. A photo shoot took place. 

      By the way, I have yet another life development to share.I am currently transferring to another university. I will be attending the University of Michigan in the Fall of 2013! I can't believe this is really happening, I mean I got comfortable at Wayne State University and familiar with the campus, I would think of transferring but I didn't think I really had it in me. I was afraid of making a new change but I live by a philosophy of "if there's something you don't like in your life change or remove it, if you can't, make it work for you", and as seeing as how I'm not necessarily chained to one school for life, I simply changed my setting.  Making this change all on my own is liberating and I'm proud for taking this step for myself.Wayne State University is still an amazing school but University of Michigan fits my tastes better. I listened to my heart, digested what it speaks and let it make a decision for me and I'm confident I'm moving in the right place.
Top is from Charlotte Russe, pants are from Dots, and the shoes are a pair of Van,received from Christmas

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