Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Photo Quality + iPod Blogging

          Basically I've been doing a lot of blogging from my iPod.Yea, my iPod an iPod 5 in white with apps, and a handy little installed camera.You guys don't know but I  had a constant struggle with cameras. I began blogging with a webcam but I didn't like how it would overheat my computer so quickly and take forever to load. I bought an iPod(initially for music) and I began taking pictures with that. I also now own a point and shoot camera, but with no tripod and no photographer boyfriend, finding places for it to prop up was a struggle as well. My iPod even though the quality of the picture isn't as good as the point and shoot camera balancing it and using the timer is much easier, so now I'm giving and taking at the moment as far as cameras.
      My fierce desire for better quality pictures kicked in every so often and the shame of my own pictures takes hold thus after. I began daydreaming about all the tech devices I wish I could buy instead of being grateful for the few I have. Imagining a place where tablets are given away like lemonade at stands in the Summer, and DSLR cameras are things people are simply born with, didn't help my blogging process.Without even acknowledging it, I built a world in my head that revolves around DSLR cameras and how they're necessary for success which isn't entirely true.
     Many bloggers have started off from camera phones and webcam cameras to capture their style and creativity. I think I manage to do a lot with my iPod pictures. I'm not ashamed of where I am right now because I'm aware of where I'm heading, and I'm proud that I really do, do the best with what I have.Which leads me to share with you some of the apps I use to blog and take pictures with!

Whims is a creative text post app.I like giving blog updates and using the app to create titles for blog posts from time to time.The graphics are cute, the app is fairly simply to use and sharing updates is conveniently installed in the app as well.

This is Framatic I use it to make collages for both blog posts and Instagram posts. Framatic is easy to use,has multiple frames and great filters if I wanted to edit my pictures as well.

I use the Tumblr app to...reblog myself. I know, there are people who can't stand others who reblog themselves, but this shameless hustle has to start somewhere guys!

Cropic is awesome for cropping your pictures to fit Instagram and it has multiple choices for backgrounds that make the picture stand out.

This is CameraProFx it comes with different filters,edits, and a self timer.The self timer is awesome just watch out for ad pop ups, they can get quite annoying.

I adore the Polyvore app, you can create an outfit on the go(or wherever there's WiFi) simply by the flick of your fingers. You drag and pull items and the recent update just made it easier to share your outfit sets and what not which I will be taking advantage of soon. All of these apps are 100 percent free, cause I'm cheap. I'm currently on the hunt for a scheduled tweet app, and a shorten url app so I'll share that with you guys to!

That's all guys these are all the apps I use when it comes to blogging(or when I don't feel like turning on my laptop).

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  1. it really is addicting I've made so many sets lol

  2. thank you so much for your encouragement!

  3. Awesome tips fellow Detroiter! Be proud of what you have done so far n' continue to grow, you are doing your very best! In time a DSLR will fall out of the sky! lol I am downloading those apps now!



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  4. Polyvore is great, i think im addicted to it haha x