Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Self Expression Is Still At My Core


                                           (My theme song)

           I have dabbled in a lot over this year as far as self-expression. From my fashion vlog series Self-Esteem On Your Screen, to my blog shehastheeye.tumblr.com ,my spoken word and adding to my written poetry collection, I've been happy with my projects. I've been staying true to myself as far as creating and sending a message I can stand by.
     By expressing myself through several mediums, I've found my voice and hopefully inspired someone else to find their's. Ultimately Deejay Speaks has always been about me, and the message of self-expression and just how important it truly is. Without self-expression all those pint up things that grow inside of you will rot the dark hidden areas you don't like paying attention to. Finding an art form to express yourself, eventually forces you to deal with certain areas that you'd rather avoid.Self-expression is always at the center of everything I do, it's what drives me to keep creating even when it can feel pointless.
   Self-expression is investing time in yourself to look into the complicated beauty that is yourself and reflect on it. Self-expression is taking the time to create something in tribute of yourself, whatever that maybe. Self-expression is acknowledging not everyone is going to understand your art but that doesn't matter because it's for you,and you are a worthy audience member alone.
       Leave a comment below and let me know how you express yourself, and why. I want to know what you do to let loose of those feelings and how it makes you feel after, express yourself in the comments!

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  1. yea, there have been times when I've considered the latter but sometimes I really think it's about the person individually, some can't help but to have a strong sense of self whereas others don't really think about it at all, I guess that's just the diversity of people's natures

  2. I agree, expressing yourself is important, it's a necessity even, but it's hard to find (first your voice, but then also) the right medium. At least it was hard for me. You feel you so much (or at least some) creative power and you want to let it loose, but how?? Blogging is definitely a cool faucet - but is it enough? I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, I'm just having some doubts lately... Having a strong sense of self is a bitch, sometimes I think it's easier for those individuals with strong herding inkling, they just follow and are blissfully happy - easy peasy.:)