Friday, August 30, 2013

The Hallway is a Catwalk

    Hello guys, I decided that there will no longer be anymore negative talk in reference to students,money or loans. Students are exercising their rights to invest in themselves, this is not a broke college(or university) student guide because I don't want that kind of association to students. I am a student bound for success who just likes to save cash :).  Today's post features online store Everything 5 Pounds, one of my favorite blogs Blue Violet Hearts did a post on Everything 5 Pounds where she purchased some gorgeous shoes and the quality is actually pretty nice, check out that post here Everything5Pound...SAY WHAT? Everything really is 5 pounds and in the U.S. that's the equivalent of about 7.95 which is still pretty awesome giving the versatility of the items and just how much is being sold.


Everything!! by deejaystyles featuring a flower print skirt

I decided to feature a few Fall shoes looks and still some Summer shoes looks for those trying to grip onto these last few days of August. I also wanted to show some of their clothing above, they've got great legging choices too!Leave a comment below about you favorite piece, and if you go check out Everything 5 Pounds tell them Deejay sent you :) !

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