Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Maxi Skirt Shall Reign Supreme

         Maxi skirts are essentially fashionable lounge wear.Seriously, they're really comfortable and yet people think you're stylish at the same time because of the association people make between formality and skirts! Maxi skirts win in my book so much that I converted this maxi dress into a maxi skirt. I didn't need any scissors, no needles,no thread I just used the old fashioned method of folding the straps and chest region inward and putting this belt around my waist to complete the look. As a matter of fact this is the same dress I was going to wear to orientation in this post, 3 Looks,One Orientation!

Maxi skirts are slowly replacing my legging love affair, check out the Fall looks I created featuring maxi skirts below 

Maxi Skirts Galore!

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