Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Likes,Loves and All of Thee Above

         I've been fangirling about Kat Graham for quite some time, her music videos get my creative mind buzzing. I noticed Kat is very versatile in her looks from daring spikes and edgy leather, to quirky looks that she pairs with a golden Mickey purse, one thing is constant in her looks are always fun.


Would She Wear This?

Her style is totally Polyvore post worthy, I couldn't help myself!

Kenda At Large is a fashion dedicated Tumblr featuring some of the most awesome street style ever. I go to this Tumblr strictly when my closet is being a bore so I can try to recreate and Deejay-fy one of the looks.The style is extremely diverse, and the blog's format is clean and simple! Check out


          This is clearly the "all of thee above" part of this post. I'm obsessed with simple ring bands, the minimalism is edgy and classic to me at the same time, and I love you can stack them up depending on your mood. I love comic books and superheroes and I'd like to represent a bit more this year with a few cool t-shirts and yes I'm a fan of both universes. The color mint has been my obsession since last year but I can't find it any where! I used to think my turquoise accessories would take me away from my desire to buy mint items but that was a lie. I need mint in my life, and no substitutes :(. Last but not least are the print leggings from Wetseal. Wetseal's online store has some of the cheapest print legging prices I've ever seen and I know from personal experience that they last. My last pair of leggings from Wetseal lasted 4 years. Guys tell me what you think about these posts, I'd love to hear feedback from you! Leave a response in the comment section below and have a great day!

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  1. that's why I love Kat's style it encourages you to try something different!

  2. I don't really follow Kat that much, but from what I can see, her style is really fun and creative. It almost makes you want to come out of your comfort zone and try out new things. luv it