Friday, August 16, 2013

Likes,Loves and All of Thee Above

          Gather around guys it's honesty time! Every time I come onto this blog I feel as though I should share something profound,something thought provoking,something outrageously creative,something that's really going to inspire you guys. I think about you guys a lot during this whole blogging process, I really do. I know I'm supposed to blog for me and I am, but I can't help the urge to want to impress you guys.So I go to some lengths I didn't think I would to make sure little details are together, add a picture or do an entire shoot over again to make sure it's right.
        Putting stuff on the internet is taken likely by many, but for me I'm always thinking about "who's going to see this post?!" and then I go out of my way to impress an imaginary person and that is not healthy my dears. So for now on, my blogging process is going to be a lot more casual, a lot more organic and doing blog posts will be more fun and filled with persona.
      With this new declaration of comfortable blogging, I decided to share with you my secret style obsession....Zayn Malik of One Direction. .Yea I said it, or better yet typed it! I'm obsessed with not Zayn's hair,not his face's(although that is quite nice),I'm obsessed with this dude wardrobe.

         Who dresses this young man, I want their number!? Does he pick out his own clothes(God bless him)?The jackets are always fitted to perfection, look at that quilted bomber jacket...are you looking?!
I have always had a thing for motorcycle jackets,bomber jackets,varsity styled jackets because it my head it translates effortless cool and who doesn't want to look effortlessly cool?? Never in my life have I wanted to raid a young man's closet until now. I don't want your autograph Zayn...I want your closet.
   Allow me to explain what has me head over hills for his clothes.There is this simplistic edginess going on right now in each look. One stand out piece for each outfit that makes a statement of its own the rest is chill and relaxed. I love an outfit that can make a statement with simple adjustments,I'm a details girl!

I got inspired

       Did you really think a Polyvore set wouldn't happen?

          Comme Coco is a personal style blog with a spotlight on Jenni Jehanne's outfit choices. Jehanne's blog is  where she expresses her thoughts and opinions on the fashion industry,DC and Baltimore style and celebrating her Haitian roots.I love bloggers who a direct, opinionated voice to their writing, you can tell she's writing from her own specific point of view. Besides the voice she uses as she writes, I love her style. A lot of her outfits I could see myself picking out, and she always adds that extra touch so you know this is her original style shining through.

All of Thee Above, I Want It All!

                        This my friends, is the "all of thee above" portion of this post where I explain all my latest wants and fashion needs. Platform sneakers give me height and comfort at the same time, what's not to love?Tigers are one of my favorite animals so this whole tiger face trend thing that's going on fits me perfectly. Last but not least leather details add that touch of edge to every outfit, that I crave!Leave a comment below if you enjoy posts like these, I love to hear from you guys bye!

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  1. Lol, I always thought I was the only one! I've been amazed by his hair for quite some time too!

  2. I'm not the only one!!! This post makes me profoundly happy! His stylist really knows what works - and that hair... that hair! I must admit, my love for Mr Malik is embarrassing x