Sunday, August 25, 2013

What Motivates You?

               Everyone gets motivated differently. Not everyone has the same exact drive, for the same exact things, we as people are extremely diverse and without that diversity the world would be so bloody bland!Lately, I've been looking up different methods and ways to get motivated because at the moment I feel defeated. Going to this new school(which means trying to figure out where classes are and praying I can keep up with the coursework), taking courses I'm not particularly excited about(my late registration is what did my schedule in),transportation and of course money.
    I would like to approach this situation like a veteran, prepped and ready to take it all on because I've been here before and came out victorious! I can't. I can't have a pep rally,because I'm too busy second guessing if I have it in me to face all these same challenges again.One thing I did, was take out my old notebook, my Blessings Book. My Blessings Book is where I wrote down all my blessings whether daily,weekly or monthly. I began reading about my blessings and remembering that God never failed me before. God has been by my side the entire time, maybe not in the time I want Him to be, but He's there in the time He feels he needs to be.
    Slowly but surely, my second guessing is starting to fade and I'm remembering God's embrace he has on me. My fear has slightly descended and my anxiety is easing up, as I take strides to get closer and closer to His presence. When you're feeling unmotivated, afraid and shaken remember who woke you up this morning, who gave you purpose,who designed you,who knows your path better than you do. What motivates me to keep moving is God, and remembering his strength and love he has in me. Last semester, during the Winter, I needed about 10 books for all of my classes, I could only afford 3. I still managed to pass with a 3.2, that was God's blessing over me. God got me through my last semester when I had every issue seemingly to pop up. Between my great grandmother getting sick, and not having funds for school it would of been easier to give up altogether but I didn't and he pulled me through it all.
     How dare I be afraid of a new journey when I carry my own testimony with me? How dare I second guess myself and in doing so second guess his plan for me? Who am I to doubt Him in the face of the victories, he has already won for me?What motivates me, is remembering God's grace and control in my life, and whether I continue my academic career this year or take another path He will always be there, so I will continue to move forward because he guides my steps and paves my way.

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