Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm Human

        Lately, I've been thinking about life plans and how my plan for life has gone completely off course. I was supposed to be a full time student, commuting back and forth from school with a part-time job, but that's not where I am right now. I understand that plans don't always work out, that's life. So instead of relying on my plan, I've been more focused on God's plan for my life. I began praying a lot more about His plan, waiting for a sign, listening. In the process of praying on God's plan, I'm filling out job applications and still pursuing my studies as a part-time student.
       I'm only human, in the midst of my prayers, difficulties have struck, and frustration is growing. Instead of praying I found myself questioning, and holding a grudge."If it's God's plan for me to serve him, how come things aren't falling into place?". "How come He's not listening, how come He hasn't listened to me"?, and then I began thinking about the years I spent praying to God and asking for guidance and never getting any real clear direction from Him.Soon the idea of prayer was a mere reminder that I felt ignored by the Being I hold most close to me, I was being ignored by the Being I put my EVERYTHING into.
    Then it hit me. It doesn't say in the Bible that God's plan is going to be easy, it doesn't even say that he's going to tell you what the plan is.Acknowledging that God's plan for me isn't going to come to me on GPS and it's not necessarily going to be smooth...frankly that only scared me. Why did not knowing the plan scare me so much? Why did it hurt me to realize that he's not going to let me in on the blueprint?
      I realized I was putting my faith, prayers, and praise into God's plan, and not God. I was praising, and pleading for His plan, but not Him. I was idolizing the idea of His plan, versus acknowledging that my Father has my back, through it all. I was looking for love in a plan, not in Him and that was the root of my frustration and hurt.
      Now when I pray, I have to recognize just what I'm praying for and to who. Putting my faith in the mere fact that He loves, and has loved me before I even existed will sustain me.I will find strength in Him, not the fact that there's a plan out there. I need my trust in Him and only him.My main goals are to continue to build a proper relationship with God, pursue my passion, and try to serve Him in the best ways I can, through my passion and gifts He's blessed me with.


Saturday, September 28, 2013



      Here's another in-store adventure with me! I was in Sears when I noticed BONGO's shirts are sporting a lot of faux leather details.I couldn't ignore it if I tried, leather details are prepped to either give a sporty spin to an outfit or to amp the rock star appeal.Whether on the shoulder or rolled up in the sleeves, leather is impacting the brand heavily. Are you loving the faux leather or have you had enough of all this faux edginess?


       In JC Penney their Decree line was displaying a lot of damaged plaid. The already popular print has been remixed with loads of bleach spots to give the next farm boy a run for his money.Oddly I really like these tops, giving plaid a spin even if it's a rough one, really got me interested. Would you be willing to give these tops a whirl?

  Macy's has a Marilyn Monroe Collection full of fun, flirty skirts and with Marilyn's face adorning everywhere, left and right. My favorite piece in this selection is the faux leather skater skirt. I can see the skirt being extremely versatile for a night out on the town or make it casual with a chunky sweater. How do you feel about the Marilyn Monroe Collection? Can you see yourself sporting any of the pieces?

Hopefully you guys enjoyed window shopping with me! Let me know what you're seeing in stores and what you can't wait to get!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Simple Denim And A Standstill

Hello guys! I hope you're having an awesome begin to your semester. Keep studying, keep being stylish(even though it's getting cold and those jogging pants sure look good right about now lol).The weather is always icy in the morning and warms up later this time of year, which is where this outfit derived from.My look is a last minute overestimation to how cold it was going to be. I initially had on leggings underneath this chambray top from Forever21 and swapped it for these dark denim skinny jeans from Dots.Today's outfit is pretty simple, I'm lacking a lot of pizzazz in my style lately, I'm lacking pizzazz for life in general. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer so I'm going to leave you with a few of these quotes to hopefully motivate somebody around here!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Fashion On Campus!

Making that transition to the Fall has been happening all over campus! Pictured above is this young lady who decided to layer her look wearing a cardigan over her dress and pairing it with navy blue tights(a trend for Fall). She's showing off some awesome Summer to Fall transitioning tips through her usage of layering, which I brought up in a guest post I did over on Pash 4 Fashion, here

This look screams Fall in it's entirety. From the brown bomber styled jacket to the ankle booties and thick textured sweater, she's ready to look cute in the cold!
Let me know in the comments how you've been getting ready for the cold!


Color Trends For Fall and Winter!


         I wanted to share with you guys 2 color trends that have already stolen my heart! The first trending color is *drum roll*, PASTEL PINK! I know what you're thinking "pastel pink, as in the discolored marshmallow pastel pink??", yea that one. I. Of course I used Fashiolista again to show you the many different ways you can incorporate this color into one of your outfits. I don't know about you but I've been eyeballing the sneakers in the last roll, comfortable and playful!
       By the way this sweet color has been stirring up some waves, Style Caster(my new fave website for all things fashion trend related, did a great post on NYFW losing popularity, check it out  HERE) recently did a post on pastel pink stating, "It’s worth noting that of all colors, pink is probably the most divisive—many women swear they wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot-pole—so we’re eager to see how the masses take to this one"-Fall 2013 Trend: Pastel Pink by Perrie Samotin. I admit, I'm one of those women who aren't exactly in love with pink, but as you know I'm excited for some experimentation right now, so I'll be trying this trend.

   The second most popular color is...OXBLOOD! Besides having a cool name, this is great for those who enjoy darker shades.Oxblood has a sultry appeal to it. I associate this shade with mystery(and for some reason vampires).I'm not the only one obsessed with the oxblood color, Kristina of  the blog Pretty Shiny Sparkly, her post Bloggers Do Oxblood Better inspired me soo much. The post shows so many bloggers who have worn oxblood in awesome ways, you definitely need to give it a look. By the way am I the only one who's attention is on that sweater and circle scarf below? Tell me what's your favorite out of the selection in the comments below!

              I love Autumn and Winter(although I hate the cold), what I really love is the oncoming of new colors and textures from shades like pastel featured above, and to darker tones like oxblood. You can imagine my excitement for the newest color trends when I saw them featured on Style Network! Isn't that awesome when the trends you predict actually come true, check out some of the trends I predicted on my other blog She Has The Eye, here if you like, Is Leather Losing, This Fall?.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Covered Prelude To A Kiss

  This is one of my favorite songs by Alicia Keys, short concise and powerful! Hopefully you enjoyed my cover, check out my channel for more at Deejay Speaking!


Saturday, September 21, 2013

What Then?


           I asked myself a scary, horrible, tear inducing question the other day and it's still with me as we speak. What if it's not in the cards for me to receive a degree right now?When I add up how many credits I can afford to take out a year, versus how many I need to receive my Bachelor's in journalism, it's going to be a WHILE before I graduate. So I asked myself "perhaps a degree isn't in the cards for me now", and I immediately went back to sobbing and feeling forsaken. A degree is so important to me, it's my paper that says "you now have proof that you are in so much debt that someone should take pity on you and give you a job". My degree is my ticket to actually being in a career of my choice. If I'm not in school, or at least not now, where am I? What do I do without school in my life, what do I do if I'm not actively pursuing a degree?
       After asking myself that question, I  Googled "successful people without degrees" and I immediately exited the tab. I'm no Oprah, and there is only so many people in this world who can be Steve Jobs. Comparing myself to the stories of people like, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Pete Cashmore(the dude who created Mashable) is a waste of time because everyone's story is different, everyone's struggle is different, everyone's path is different. So much is riding on me receiving a degree, but it pains me to think I'll be spending about 10 years simply trying to receive my Bachelor's degree.
    I could cry about this everyday for the next 10 years, or I could toughen up and deal with the hand God has dealt me and move on. I'm going to simply roll with the punches and keep pursuing this degree even if it takes 10-15-20 years, because without it I don't know where I'll be.Giving up isn't an option because, what then? Will you be better off giving up? Will giving up benefit you? Will giving up, make things easier or even more difficult than trying to sustain through the struggle?
   When you feel like quitting altogether ask yourself "what then", ask yourself just what exactly is the next step after giving up and are you more content with the answer then continuing to try?I can't think of what happens after giving up. I don't want to give up therefore I don't have any clue what step I'd take after. I have no choice but to continue on this path and just roll with the punches, and with that my new mantra is "whatever happens, happens".


Outfit Wishes!

Hi guys! Here's a few of my outfit obsessions from Fashiolista! I'm adoring quilted faux leather,faux leather details,gold, and playing with dark vampy lipsticks! I'd love to have a punk rock star show up to my house and take me shopping for a new wardrobe. I want to change my entire closet to fully represent this other side of me, looking into my closet, all I see is a lack of spikes and platforms. Let me know some of your latest obsessions in the comments below!                      

Friday, September 20, 2013

Neon Leopards and Fashiolista

    You know being born in Michigan really preps you for styling in a lot of different climates.One day it's Summer weather topped with tank tops and shorts, next you're pulling out the Winter gloves!One thing that has helped inspire me lately,even with all the different weather changes is...Fashiolista. Fashiolista allows you to clip items from online stores and like them and add them to specific lists and they recently made it so you can add looks from your favorite fashion bloggers to your lists as well! I made a Fashiolista account a long time ago and never really got into it but lately with this new adding looks function and how they've begun reaching out to personal style and fashion bloggers alike, they're really peaked my interest. Let me know in the comments what's helped inspire your style lately?

Bongo Cardigan-Bongo Leopard Print Pants-Shirt from Rue21

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Could Be My Last Look...

   Hey guys! I know I've been in an ugly funk lately but I'm slowly but surely trying to let go of that and embrace this new experience I'm facing. Embracing new things can be really hard there's no doubt about that, but holding on to the past, and holding onto what you thought you'd have is only wasting time.This present experience in my life is what I have to deal with, and I need to get over it. Now onto the outfit today!
       Today's outfit has both of my favorite pieces incorporated.My graphic tee from high school that I cut the sleeves off, and this Faded Glory maxi dress from....Walmart!The look is a mix of masculine themes due to the structure of the tee and the maxi dress beneath makes for a flowy, feminine look, built for comfort! I'm afraid we're in that really awkward weather stage of September but that won't last long in Michigan, and this may be my last Summery look.If you're like me, you actually enjoy the Fall so saying goodbye to the Summer isn't that much of a drag for me.Eventually saying hello to the Winter, now that is going to be difficult lol, but Tim Gunn is in my head again with an index finger and raised eyebrow saying, "Make It Work" and I definitely will.


Leave a comment below and tell me how you're handling awkward weather and awkward moments in life in general, lets get a party started in the comment section!

Monday, September 16, 2013


On my daily travels to school, I have to take a walk through the local mall to get to campus and I'm always walking past some awesome finds! I decided to share the items and trends that caught my eye with you guys starting with the Material Girl Line by Madonna! You can tell that leopard,and camouflage print are clearly huge hits in the accessory department.The studded canvas bag is no surprise, studs and spikes always become popular in the Fall and Winter.

I found that the Material Girl jewelry is eccentric and geometric which is always fun to play with. These statement pieces were some of my favorites for this section.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Movement For The Individual*HUGE OBVIOUS EDIT*

        Are you a clone, do you lack originality, do you often get mistaken for being a cold, lifeless robot? I would hope not! I want to start a movement for The Individual, who is The Individual you ask, allow me to explain. The Individual moves forward, The Individual is being of ideas, dreams and host for positive words. The Individual is not prejudiced nor does The Individual have a face, or a gender, The Individual is you and me and our thoughts our feelings. I see to often people doing things for recognition of others, and desperately clinging to  this heavy grey stigma, trying to fall in line with stereotypes going against what they want, and what they feel to fit a specific image, you have people who like to setup rules, for every little thing, if you're a free spirit you dress  like this, if you're a rebel you cut your hair like this, if you're preppy you say things like this, but often people never fit into a specific mold, we are all made of different things, different feelings, emotions and different views. Why fight what you feel, why struggle with,so you can fit the script to someone else's life. The Individual is an individual, The Individual is there own person, The Individual has highs and lows, The Individual is flawed and it's okay! I want to start a movement and hopefully, you will sign up and join The Individual Movement.
  *MASSIVE EDIT*, I created this post January 24th of 2012 and it's now September 9th 2013! I created this post knowing I wanted to make something that was going to make a difference, develop a positive influence, send a message as a blogger.Although I never fully finished this Individual Project idea, I did create a positive message through my campaign Style and Self-Esteem: The Courageous Collaboration. I just wanted to take a moment and look back on some of my older posts and give updates. I didn't even realize that even though this project didn't turn out how I thought it would, I did still manage to get the core goal accomplished!Check out Style and Self-Esteem:The Courageous Collaboration campaign on my blog here, Style and Self-Esteem:The Courageous Collaboration!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Likes,Loves and All of Thee Aboves

Angela Simmons is definitely my style inspiration, her street style looks are feminine,trendy, urban and  downright fabulous.I love Angela's use of leather in each look.The leather pieces each are used in different ways, the first is more feminine and sexy and she wears a leather mini. The second look is more hip and sophisticated due to the looser fit of the leather skirt and the 3rd look is giving me rock n roll with her motorcycle jacket and boots!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Have Faith and Have Fun

            My faith is going to keep getting tested until I finally pass. I noticed when school starts my stress hikes up to the sky and I'm a mess, I don't want to keep approaching my education this way.In school I rarely talk to anyone.I'm at school solely for a degree and only a degree. I'm starting to think even though though school has been hard on my finances, that doesn't mean I have to let this challenge change me into an anxiety filled mess. I just need to believe that school is going to happen, if it's supposed to happen and all I can do is my best. I'm going to practice having faith and fun.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Style Throughout The Semester!

I met this young lady while going to class, her hair color and skirt instantly caught my attention. I love the fullness and print of her skirt, great look!

The scarf and makeup look sold me completely and I knew I had to feature her on my blog! Very casual and comfy and yet her look is still very on trend for the Fall! The dark lipstick, and printed scarf shows fashionable Fall style completely.