Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Movement For The Individual*HUGE OBVIOUS EDIT*

        Are you a clone, do you lack originality, do you often get mistaken for being a cold, lifeless robot? I would hope not! I want to start a movement for The Individual, who is The Individual you ask, allow me to explain. The Individual moves forward, The Individual is being of ideas, dreams and host for positive words. The Individual is not prejudiced nor does The Individual have a face, or a gender, The Individual is you and me and our thoughts our feelings. I see to often people doing things for recognition of others, and desperately clinging to  this heavy grey stigma, trying to fall in line with stereotypes going against what they want, and what they feel to fit a specific image, you have people who like to setup rules, for every little thing, if you're a free spirit you dress  like this, if you're a rebel you cut your hair like this, if you're preppy you say things like this, but often people never fit into a specific mold, we are all made of different things, different feelings, emotions and different views. Why fight what you feel, why struggle with,so you can fit the script to someone else's life. The Individual is an individual, The Individual is there own person, The Individual has highs and lows, The Individual is flawed and it's okay! I want to start a movement and hopefully, you will sign up and join The Individual Movement.
  *MASSIVE EDIT*, I created this post January 24th of 2012 and it's now September 9th 2013! I created this post knowing I wanted to make something that was going to make a difference, develop a positive influence, send a message as a blogger.Although I never fully finished this Individual Project idea, I did create a positive message through my campaign Style and Self-Esteem: The Courageous Collaboration. I just wanted to take a moment and look back on some of my older posts and give updates. I didn't even realize that even though this project didn't turn out how I thought it would, I did still manage to get the core goal accomplished!Check out Style and Self-Esteem:The Courageous Collaboration campaign on my blog here, Style and Self-Esteem:The Courageous Collaboration!


  1. Hey girl! This is Megan, the redhead from your literature class! I love your blog -- I have it bookmarked now! :)

    p.s. I'm the one you featured!