Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Color Trends For Fall and Winter!


         I wanted to share with you guys 2 color trends that have already stolen my heart! The first trending color is *drum roll*, PASTEL PINK! I know what you're thinking "pastel pink, as in the discolored marshmallow pastel pink??", yea that one. I. Of course I used Fashiolista again to show you the many different ways you can incorporate this color into one of your outfits. I don't know about you but I've been eyeballing the sneakers in the last roll, comfortable and playful!
       By the way this sweet color has been stirring up some waves, Style Caster(my new fave website for all things fashion trend related, did a great post on NYFW losing popularity, check it out  HERE) recently did a post on pastel pink stating, "It’s worth noting that of all colors, pink is probably the most divisive—many women swear they wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot-pole—so we’re eager to see how the masses take to this one"-Fall 2013 Trend: Pastel Pink by Perrie Samotin. I admit, I'm one of those women who aren't exactly in love with pink, but as you know I'm excited for some experimentation right now, so I'll be trying this trend.

   The second most popular color is...OXBLOOD! Besides having a cool name, this is great for those who enjoy darker shades.Oxblood has a sultry appeal to it. I associate this shade with mystery(and for some reason vampires).I'm not the only one obsessed with the oxblood color, Kristina of  the blog Pretty Shiny Sparkly, her post Bloggers Do Oxblood Better inspired me soo much. The post shows so many bloggers who have worn oxblood in awesome ways, you definitely need to give it a look. By the way am I the only one who's attention is on that sweater and circle scarf below? Tell me what's your favorite out of the selection in the comments below!

              I love Autumn and Winter(although I hate the cold), what I really love is the oncoming of new colors and textures from shades like pastel featured above, and to darker tones like oxblood. You can imagine my excitement for the newest color trends when I saw them featured on Style Network! Isn't that awesome when the trends you predict actually come true, check out some of the trends I predicted on my other blog She Has The Eye, here if you like, Is Leather Losing, This Fall?.


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