Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Likes,Loves and All of Thee Aboves!

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                Gwen Stefani is becoming notorious for her love of damaged, loose fit,boyfriend jeans I love them! I love how she makes the style of jeans different in each look, one is chill, one is sophisticated, the other is edgy and the last is glam! I have wanted a pair of boyfriend jeans for years, and I think this year is definitely going to be it!I mean come on casual,comfortable and cute, does it get better?

Boyfriend Jeans For The Win

Boyfriend Jeans For The Win by deejaystyles featuring h&m boyfriend jeans

Gwen Stefani taught me!

This week's blog I love is none other than For Peet's Sake. I loooove this blog so much from the awesome fashion to the actual text of the posts! Each week the writer brings an awesome outfit and interesting story, or informational tidbit to boot! She always manages to give you style,make you laugh and make you think all at once, I definitely recommend her to you guys!

Now it's time for the things that I love, and want,and write mental love-letters to, le sigh.


          Where do I even begin, first off my love for combat boots started my senior year of high school The combat boots were my constant go to shoes they went with practically everything to me!Combat boots always come off as the perfect addition of edge to a look. For the second item on my loved list it's hard to explain my sudden interest in bodycon dresses. I like the fitted dress, it's easy to slip on and they're actually really versatile.The last love on my list are print tights. Print tights add that sweet touch of personality to an otherwise classic piece of clothing. Leave a comment below about what you're currently loving!

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