Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Memories Are Mine


              I recently donated a quarter of my wardrobe and about 80% of my book collection. The clothing of course went to the local donation bin down the street from me and my young adult reading collection went to the library and a family friend.I'm honestly extremely shocked and surprised at myself for how easily I gave everything away. My urge for change and to take control in at least some area of my life became overwhelming and I think it overpowered any hoarder-like traits from taking action. A younger version of myself would of had a nervous break down, specifically over my books.
      My books have been with me since about 3rd grade, my books are my oldest and most reliable friends.My books take me places,show me things, and share their experiences with me. Giving away my books at a younger age sounded like a punishment,but now as I've grown older my detachment to material things has somewhat ceased. I acknowledge my books for the joy and memories they gave me, and I still hold those memories and joy close to me even if my books aren't physically here.
    I feel incredibly good knowing that I am passing down the same stories that caused me so much happiness to someone else.Someone else will appreciate and be taken on wild adventures and share laughs with the beloved characters like I did.The books are going to be shared with everyone, those stories are never going to die.
       By giving those books away, I truly acknowledge that material things don't have a hold on me, it's the memories that do. The emotional attachment is still mine, I can still recall those times I read without stopping well into 4 AM on a school night. I do believe making my donations and passing my things to others has easily become the highlight of my Summer.


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