Monday, September 2, 2013

Necessary Things Like Change and Diversity

     If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you'll notice the picture quality on my blog has changed! I have a point and shoot Fuji Film camera and although I love it, it runs on batteries and I don't always have money for that. At the moment, I do indeed have some batteries for my camera and will try my best to document as much style as possible with my camera batteries burning out.Speaking of style, today's outfit sparked a lot of thought inside of me. Initially I picked this shirt with black pants(my favorite go-to), and I realized that even though black is indeed my favorite color perhaps I need to experiment with some diversity.
   I love all black outfits, I adore them, but life is too short to keep yourself under a strict all black everything policy. Style is meant to be expressed in a lot of different ways and I want to experiment with more color.I'm not leaving my love of black clothing behind(I couldn't do that even if I tried), but I do want to play more in style and be more daring. What do you guys think of diversifying your style?



  1. this is a very cute outfit =) I love the earrings

  2. thank you and I've been thinking of getting a DSLR, it's just money is always tight ya know, but I'd still go for a cheapie tripod to take your pics on your own, maybe have a mirror in front of you when you pose so you can see yourself before the camera takes the pic, that's what I do

  3. I agree with diversifying and experimenting when it comes to style. Dressing up must be fun. I like this color combo!
    And oh in case you didn't see my answer, my camera does have a self timer. It's the Canon rebel T3, I think it's one of the cheapest DSLR out there.