Friday, September 20, 2013

Neon Leopards and Fashiolista

    You know being born in Michigan really preps you for styling in a lot of different climates.One day it's Summer weather topped with tank tops and shorts, next you're pulling out the Winter gloves!One thing that has helped inspire me lately,even with all the different weather changes is...Fashiolista. Fashiolista allows you to clip items from online stores and like them and add them to specific lists and they recently made it so you can add looks from your favorite fashion bloggers to your lists as well! I made a Fashiolista account a long time ago and never really got into it but lately with this new adding looks function and how they've begun reaching out to personal style and fashion bloggers alike, they're really peaked my interest. Let me know in the comments what's helped inspire your style lately?

Bongo Cardigan-Bongo Leopard Print Pants-Shirt from Rue21


  1. lol,these are 2 of my favorite elements too and they don't compete with each other which makes it even better

  2. Love neon, love leo print so there's no way I can not like this outfit.

  3. Love this look hun :)

    Its so comfy ! i will use this for my college look thanks to you :)