Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Playing In Plaid

           School is coming back in session.I'm not going to lie, I am dreading school, I have my reasons lets leave it at that. If I have to continue going to school for the next 2 years I figured I might as well dress however I want in the process. While picking out items for my first week back, I realized I have soo many different kinds of plaid and thought to myself "a plaid look book would be fun", and boom the look book is born!I decided to go with 2 different kinds of plaid, the first is considered buffalo plaid, the second is more of a light flannel, and the 3rd is plaid but with larger squares.

          This first look is for those going for a more rebellious feminine approach. The fullness of the plaid skirt is the perfect platform for a super girly/glam look but instead I decided to add some tougher detail with my denim vest. I also added the lion head bracelet and beaded bracelet for some fun arm festivities.


   This second look is a lot more fun! I simply put on the light flannel top and pulled my favorite Wonder Woman shirt over it(practicing layering already for the chilly weather), and these great olive toned skinnies from Sears!

The 3rd and final look is a lot more mature, we're serving pencil skirt realness here. I wanted the look to be both edgy and sophisticated so I added some vintage accessories and a dark lipstick!
You may notice the quality of this picture is a bit off, that's because my camera semi-died on the second photo, and I had to take the up close pictures with my iPod, we make things work around these parts, lol!



  1. you look awesome girlie, loving look 1!


  2. I'm really starting to think plaid might be my favorite print lol, and thank you!

  3. Haha! Great pictures hun x

  4. Love the first outfit! The dark lip with outfit 3 is really nice as well! Gotta love plaid x

  5. Make it work!;) I'm loving all of the three looks, especially the last one, blue looks really good on you! Hope the school won't be too horrible, babe - keeping my fingers crossed.;)

  6. I love the buffalo plaid so look 1 is my favorite.